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Natural and Easy Way to Lower High Hematocrit

Hi all,

I learned that fresh Grapefruit is helpful with high elevated Hematocrit. I have started eating one per day this week and will for 3 straight months and see the results.

Here is a study that shows how powerful of an effect it had.

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Was this study done on TRT patients with issues of their HCT constantly climbing do to the T dose being too high? If not I don’t believe this study tells us anything. I eat 7 grapefruits a week for at least the last 3 years. My HCT still goes over and I have to donate blood or drop my T dose if my ferritin has crashed.


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Donate blood. Don’t tell them you use illegal drugs or they won’t let you. It’s free and if you go to a decent place they’ll use alcohol swabs and be safe.

Or, accept the change of opinion from a variety of doctors who say stop worrying about high HCT on TRT if everything else is ok …

This only works if your doc agree or if you self treat. My doc says donate or lose your script. If your ferritin has crashed from too many donations the only choice is a reduces T dose until you can get your ferritin back up.
Correct me if I am wrong, one guy who wrote a cookbook, has a blog on TRT and used testosterone recreationally 10 years ago and one Doc maybe two have said on a YouTube video a high HCT is OK and you won’t die from the high blood pressure it brings or the chance of a blood clot or stroke. Yet clinics like Defy a world leader in HRT says donate 52 is too high. Who you really going to believe?

Would drinking 100% grapefruit juice be just as good?

That is a great question. My Thai doctor thinks my HCT by percentage is too high and I agreed to a blood let. My USA doctor shares the opinion of the two doctors I have quoted that since NOTHING ELSE is out of bounds, higher HCT “ON ITS OWN” is not a big deal.

My HCT was relatively normal until TRT.

Do you smoke? If yes, then high HCT becomes more critical.
Is your blood pressure high? If yes, then high HCT becomes more critical.
Cholesterol Issues? If yes, …

If you have a high hemoglobin count without other abnormalities, it’s unlikely to indicate a related serious condition. [Source] [High HCT and HBG often run together] (https://www.nchmd.org/education/mayo-health-library/details/SYM-20050862)

Dr Rouzier is world reknown … I’m not sure referring to him as a “youtube video” doctor is a fair representation of who he is.

Secondly, correct me if I am wrong - but Defy operates on volume. If A is high, then B must be done. Time is not spent analyzing each case to determine if there are any other reasons for high HCT other than TRT.

I am not a doctor. Only sharing my experience in my particular situation. And you are correct - you should place faith in the medical provider you have chosen. Your doctor has given you an ultimatum – therefore there is no discussion or choice.

I had my Erythropoeitin levels tested. And if I can find someone to test blood gases, I’ll do that next.

All good info thanks for the link. Here the last article I’ll post on the subject.
As for me 52% is my limit I have hypertension issues if it goes higher. YMMV.

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