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Natty or Not? Mongolian Wrestler

What does everyone think? Harder to tell if someones on it when they got 4 layers of chunky monkey.

Why do people still care what someone they’ve never met may or may not have stuck in their ass?


Because they can justify never putting in the hard work in the gym and kitchen because “he’s on drugs, I can’t look like that without drugs”


Think what you will, champ.

I don’t care much what this guy does for his muscles, but to answer your question, no, he’s not natty.


He’s not that chubby, and you can still tell in many cases in which the person is very fat.

Just a stupid argument between my mates, don’t overthink it.


Does that guy wrestle in the international style, or just the specific Mongolian wrestling style?

Are all Mongolian people know for short legs?

Is it OK to call someone from Mongolia a “Mongol”?


He only does the traditional Mongolian style mate, he’s actually quite tall. Haha no idea mate

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He’s natural.

I think he is natural.

I do not see why he would not be. That photo is filtered and it was taken after a match. He has a pump going and is sweating

Mongolians don’t do drugs. They just eat, like, horses.



Or do horses do drugs and eat like Mongolians?

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That would be cannibalism.

…or is it anabolism…

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If breast milk and cheese are PEDs , then this guy is enhanced. Otherwise, IDK and it doesn’t matter

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You mean a Mongolian BBQ does not contain real Mongolians?

I’m shattered.

What next? Baby oil?


To clarify, they don’t eat as a horse would. They just eat actual horses.


no they don’t- they drink horse milk. Actually, they’ll drink anything that comes out of a nipple
They put beef or lamb meat inside the saddle and the friction from intense riding “cooks” it. That or jerky

Also plenty of cheese.

Finally a use for thigh chafe - friction cooking