Natty or Not? Harry Potter

Just for fun…

Daniel Radcliffe looking jacked lately.

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Is that a shake weight?

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I’m gonna go with Natty.

Relatively young, stayed lean, access to resources (food, training, time management).


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Natural and who ever thinks otherwise needs to stop lifting. The guy is like 5’5".

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He’d make a great wolverine since they cast 6’3” Hugh Jackman to play a comic book character that’s 5’4” tall. He’d have to beef up a little more. He just natural and very lean. I bet he weighs 135lbs.

The more pertinent question is how did they get him to agree to wear those undies?!



It’s a robot wiener

Haven’t seen this show, but here’s where the images are coming from:

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Yes, natty in all pictures shown. No odd signs indicating PED use in my opinion.