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Time for a new gym


Hey @danteism, how’s it going? Haven’t heard from you in a few days.

I read a post where you mentioned buying one of CT’s neurotype programs and I was wondering: are you interested in his neurotype-based nutritional templates?

I was considering buying his 2b mass gain diet when the new year comes and I finish working with Paul. Unfortunately his diets were not on sale during black Friday. Hopefully I can get a discount for Christmas but I wouldn’t mind buying it even at full price.


Hey, you can’t beat the atmosphere of a 8mx15m room with equipment from a century ago. (Add in both senior citizens and motorbike gangs)

All this for 200€/year.

But really this gym needs some new equipment, my quads are screaming for a hack squat machine or even a decent leg press


I’m doing really good, thanks for asking. It’s been a bit busy so I haven’t been around that much

For sure I’m interested in them, but luckily there is an article that gives you the outline for what my type’s (1A) nutrition should look like.

Not a bad idea at all. I’ve actually been wondering if you were aware of the neurotyping system and your own type

Not having such new item on sale isn’t really surprising, hopefully he does a Christmas sale


That’s 3.3 times higher than mine!! I don’t have the pensioners or the gangs but do something’s share the space with a young Swedish AU pair;-)


I bet you wish only one of that pair frequents the gym :joy:


Yeah, at first I thought it was some fad stuff, but reading more into it it seems legit to me.

I’m definitely a type 2b btw.


Lol what a funny way of sugar coating piracy!


Yeah its hilarious right?


I know I found it so


Yeah, you’re pretty much a textbook 2B from what I’ve seen


Training log;
Mini cut;

Lower body:

  1. Paused front squat

  2. Zercher squat

  3. Leg curl

  4. Seated calf raise



I thought I’d go in without a breakfast after like 45 minutes of waking up, but had to do some stuff and ended up going without breakfast 3.5 hours after waking up. I don’t feel like it really mattered in terms of performance though.

Doing over 2 reps on front squats still sucks

On zercher squats I was focusing on nailing the execution as I haven’t done them in a while, dropped the weight a bit after the first set to stay spot on with the form.

After the squats I did a couple of sets of leg curls and calf raises.

All this took 35 minutes


This! A thousand times this.


After all this time, has there ever been a picture of you seen in here?


No, I’m still faceless.

But man, you are not dead! How’s it going?


Training log;
Mini cut;

Upper body push:

  1. Bench overload
    Up to 180kgs

  2. Bench press

  3. Overhead press

  4. Cable skullcrusher

  5. Incline lateral raises



Went in straight from bed again, felt pretty good. The session lasted 28 minutes after warming up


The day I see a picture of @danteism with or without a face is the day I’m buying a lottery ticket.


@danteism Now that you’ve done your certification, have you done written any programs for your clients that take their neurotype into account?

I tried writing my own first set of workouts, haven’t tried them out yet as I’m still doing the boot camp but I’m itching for feedback from anyone with some knowledge to spare. It’s framed in reference to the diet outline I linked you earlier: Health Benefits of IF vs Cortisol Problems of Type 3’s and that I’m a 2A. If you have the time, I’d love to hear your feedback. It’s only meant to do me over for two-three weeks tops, which is why I’m not fretting about it possibly being a bit imbalanced:

LB Hypertrophy:
A1. Back squat 1 x 15, 1 x 12, 1 x 8, 1 x 20
A2. Romanian deadlift 1 x 12, 1 x 10, 1 x 8, 1 x 15
B. Leg press 2 sets, advanced mTor set 8-10 + max duration
C. Max reps bodyweight squats unbroken

A1/A2 is from an old CT program (20 Pounds of Hollywood Muscle Plan?). Seems to be a good way to work on my grit. Myo-reps on leg press always left me sore and feeling the good kind of pain. I might not be strong enough to have earned using such methods but… I like the burn. C seems like a good way to top the session off and really earn those carbs.

UB Hypertrophy:
A1. Close-grip bench press 10/8/6 reps, 3010
A2. T-bar row 6/4/2, 4010
B1. Flat dumbbell bench press 3 x 10-12 reps, 5010
B2. Lat pulldown 3 x 10-12 reps, 1+1/2-reps (pull to clavicles, go back halfway, pull to clavicles, extend arms fully) with a max duration stretch on the final set
C1. Decline bench press or dips 3 x 12-15 reps, 3010
C2. Neutral grip seated row 3 x 8 reps, 1+1/2-reps, max duration stretch on the final set
D. Behind the neck shoulder press 100 reps

LB Strength:
A. Frankenstein Squat, 7/5/3, normal tempo
B. Deadlift, 6/4/2, normal tempo
C1. Bulgarian Split Squat (weak leg) 3x10 reps, 5210
C2. Bulgarian Split Squat (strong leg) 3x10reps, 5210
D1. Good Morning: 3x12 reps, 3010
D2. Hanging leg raises: 3x12 reps, 3010

UB Strength:
A. Military press, 8/5/3, normal tempo
B. Incline Bench, 6/4/2, normal tempo
C1. Pull-up 3x12 reps, 3010
C2. Incline DB Lateral Raise 3x12 reps, 3010
D. Bent-over Barbell Row 3x5 reps, 4010


I’ve made some small changes with some of my clients, but because I’m a personal trainer, not a gym instructor or whatnot, my training is rather individualized already; as I work with the client I pick up clues of what kind of training works for them. I’ve always trained people as individuals and in a way that motivates them, so we could say that I’ve been using a low-grade neurotyping approach intuitively all this time.

I do have one new client that I wrote a program with her neurotype (2A) in mind.

She wanted 12 weeks of powerlifting-based training paired with somewhat of a recomp and that’s what she’s getting. I’ll probably do a post about her progress once she’s done. Let’s just say that it’s going pretty nicely.

Do you have the athletic day that was in the diet plan planned out? With that in you’ll have a great deal of variety in your program.

Back to what you outlined here: it looks a lot like some of my older programs, and the basic idea is really solid. So in my opinion, it looks good overall.

When you put tempo in do you actually count it during the set? I’ve always found it distracting, and thus if I’m using tempo prescriptions (which is very rarely) 3 is the base on negatives; that’s a normal, controlled negative. 2 and 4 are slight alterations and 1 and 5-6 mean a big difference. That’s something you could try to implement if counting takes away from your set.

That 3x5 BB row at the end of UB strength seems a bit odd to me, what’s the reasoning for it?

I do notice that you’re going from a relatively harder exercise (Frankenstein squat and military press) with more reps to an easier exercise (deads and incline bench) with less reps, which isn’t a bad idea, I’ve used a similar approach before and it does feel really good. Is it the same thing with the row, perhaps?

In UB hypertrophy you do have a lot of pressing exercises that are rather similar in nature (CG bench, DB bench and possibly decline bench)

Personally I’d opt for something like CG bench, very slight incline DB Bench (a plate under one end of the bench) and I’d pick dips over decline bench. So really the only difference is making the DB bench slightly inclined. It may not seem like a huge deal but using those fresh angles save your joints from a lot of wear and tear down the road.

But, as said, I like the program overall. It’s rather simple, not stuffed with intensity techniques and it has some variety to it.

Why is there no arm work and minimal felt work, by the way? Trusting indirect training or just being in a position where you have to pick the best bang for your buck exercises?

What are your plans for after you’re done with this block of training?