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Natty on Pennies


Didn’t notice that but it does look pretty neat. Wouldn’t use it myself but I do see how a diet like that could be beneficial for someone that wants variety and structure or just a good way to implement fasting.

Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me. Really I wouldn’t expect anything less from you

No, I’m gonna be gaining by the time that comes around. Besides, my body doesn’t really change that much as I usually sail between a rather narrow bf range. (And let’s not kid ourselves, I ain’t posting pictures for a while)


Day one of mini-diet

So, for the next three-ish weeks my training day (Mon-Sat) macros will be;

2050 Calories
290g protein
80g carbs
65g fat

On rest days (Sundays) they’ll be
1690 Calories
250g protein
30g carbs
65g fat

Those values do not include vegetables or fish oil

You know, I like to show my self-hatred through diet. But really, three weeks is quite a short time so being aggressive is not a bad idea.

As mentioned, training wise I’ll be preparing for my next program; using all movement patterns needed, doing structural balance work, getting my mobility up and so on. Six days a week on a push/pull/legs split with rather low volume. I’ll post a week of training so you get a better idea.

Morning weight was 97.2kgs today. I’ve actually lost a bit in the last few weeks. That’s odd.


Why the cut? Just a lil something something before Christmas?


I routinely do mini-cuts to keep bf in check and to make sure my insulin sensitivity is doing well. It also serves as a mental (and financial) break from eating a whole lot of food


I think I’ll adopt that mini cut thing next year


It’s a great way to keep anabolic resistance at bay


I highly recommend doing it, it’s great



Training log;
Mini cut;

Upper body push:

  1. Incline bench overload
    Up to 6s with 170kgs

  2. Paused incline bench

  3. Dips

  4. DH style Skullcrusher

  5. Side laterals


Went in pretty much straight from bed, kinda liked it. Training with the elderly group again due to the time.

The incline bench is a notch higher than it was last block, as you may notice. (Low incline vs incline). It’s a neat movement when done with a pause, but I still dislike the unracking part when u don’t have a spotter. It’s borderline dangerous how far backwards the bar is.

Started dips with just bodyweight. Despite, or maybe because my shoulder was feeling bad I actually managed to make the dips feel great. I’ve never really done dips consistently as they’ve always felt a bit off for me but I’ll start adding weight/reps slowly now.

Funny thing is, while doing reps with 110kgs on paused incline bench raised some eyebrows amongst the seniors, it was the bodyweight dips that made them tell me “how can somebody do such stuff”.

DH skullcrushers refer to the way Dusty Hanshaw does them; it’s kind of a hybrid between JM Press and skullcrushers. You can go to his instagram to see the exact thing, but it’s basically a JM Press done to forehead level.

Finished up with some lateral raises and stretches.

The training portion of this session took 26 minutes. 30 if you count the general warm up in. So not exactly a long workout, but luckily the effectiveness of a session is not counted in minutes.


Depends on the type of session :wink:


Amount of broken furniture is another good way of gauging effectiveness


Or how high up the curtains the high tide mark is !!


@duketheslaya Seeing as how important CT has and continues to be to T-nation, him generously answering all kinds of questions on his part of the forum (not just one’s related to his specific articles), and that him, his family and the other employees at Thibarmy make their livelihood in part by selling that program I sincerely hope hope that you reached out to CT to let him know that it is being freely distributed somewhere to give them a chance to have it taken down.

And if you haven’t yet, please do.


The sad reality of the internet and the world is someone will always try to take advantage of other people. You’ll find that pretty much everything gets copied and put out for free, any book or movie etc you could find online with ease for free. You get it taken down and another will pop up again in it’s place


And this is what? An excuse for inaction?


Nope. It is the truth though


Guys, you’re both right; it’s really hard to stop people from sharing stuff online, but it would be right to let CT know. If you tell him he at least has a chance to take some of the stuff down that’s being shared, even if it is for just a while


@Allberg can let Ct know if he wishes, from the amount of sites that give it away there’d really be no point.
I’m all for honour and the like but I’m sure CT would already know this. He’s had programs online for years now and he’s a respected coach worldwide so it’s no surprise


Training log;

Upper body pull:

  1. Neutral grip chins

  2. Strict bent over row

  3. BB Curl

  4. Face pull


Another very simple session. This took 40 minutes which includes waiting for probably over 10 minutes to get access to a barbell. Cleaned up the form on some exercises, thus the drop in weights.


Elderly circuit???


Just a crowded gym this time around. We have a total of four barbells at my gym so it’s not really uncommon for all of them to be in use during peak hours