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Natty on Pennies


Training log; yesterday edition
Upper body:

  1. Pendlay row
    Ramp to 2x132.5kgs
    Clusters(5 breaths):

  2. Weighted pull ups w/fat grips (rp, 15 breaths)

  3. Very low incline DB Bench

  4. Head supported rear laterals (rp, 10 breaths)

  5. Standing cable skullcrusher (rp, 10 breaths)

  6. Smith calf raise dropset



This was a good session.

Pendlay rows were really solid.
On pull ups I decreased the weight a bit to make sure my form is staying on point - it’s really easy to lie to yourself when you’re pushing pull ups.

On DB Bench I probably rested a bit too little between the last two sets and thus I didn’t get all my reps in on the last set. Gonna stick to this weight for the next session as well.

Finished with some isolation work, nothing special there


Training log;
Lower body:

  1. Paused front squat
    Ramp to 2x135kgs
    Cluster sets (5 breaths)

  2. Narrow stance front squat (rp, 15 breaths)

  3. Single leg curl (rp, 10 breaths)

  4. Seated calf raise (rp, 10 breaths)


This is a really compact session nowadays. And yes, I forgot the activation again

The quad was still feeling pretty bad, but I managed to get some good work in. Between sets of narrow front squats it did get pretty bad, couldn’t really even walk around. It’s already better though.

I’ve also ditched the RFESS, didn’t feel like I was gaining a whole lot out of that.


Are you doing any conditioning at all during your mass phase? How did control days work for you?


No, not doing any at the moment. I feel that as I am training six days a week (+ one neural charge session) and I’m pretty active due to work I don’t necessarily need conditioning work right now.

I’m still using them, if that says anything. I really like them, right now I’m around 100kgs and it’s not half as ugly as it could be


Just hit 2x135kgs on low incline bench after a long-ass day. That’s only 2.5kgs from my top single from two weeks ago and it’s 5kgs up from last week’s double. Not gonna lie, it was pretty tough.

You’ve seen the structure of my current block so I’m not gonna do full on writeups of the sessions, I may mention some of the sets I feel are worth mentioning and I’ll do a top doubles recap at the end of the week


Today I hit a big bench PR with 2x155kgs. I’m pretty pumped about that.

Before this my best single ever was 152.5 from two weeks ago. Now what I must do is to not get too attached to this progress because I know that training this close to the limit cannot be sustained for more than a couple of weeks. (Probably gonna continue with this for two weeks after I’m done with this week). The goal is to hit a double with 160kgs in this block.

Didn’t post yesterday’s Deadlift double because my quad is still fucked up. Even though I’m not feeling it during deads that much I do notice a definite loss in leg drive because subconsciously I’m trying to avoid using it.


Nice bench, well done


Thanks man, I’m really happy about this recent spurt in bench strength I’ve experienced


A general training update;

I’m pretty sure that I have decided what the next four or so months of training are going to look like;

For the next two (1.5 really) weeks I’ll be continuing with my current program. After that I’ll take a day off and do somewhat of a mock push-pull meet. If my quad is still bad I’ll just go for a bench single. No front squats cause I know there’s not going to be anything mind-blowing with the way things are now. I’m not competing anywhere so I don’t really see a reason to peak. After testing the max I’ll have another day off before going on a three or four week mini-diet. (The whole timing thing is still bit of a mystery, I heard that there are some holidays to work around with)

After the mini-diet is over I’m most likely just starting with school, so I’m going to let someone else do the thinking for me I’m terms of training; for the first time ever I’ve bought a program. (I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually followed a program written by someone else for more than a few weeks. And no, DC is not a program, it’s a template)

For anyone wondering, I got CT’s program for 1As on sale today. Crazy, I know. My main interest was to see how he put it together, and while it’s quite different from the way I’ve been training, it’s not too far from what I imagined it’d be.

Gotta say, the frequency on that thing seems a bit low compared to what I’m used.

Also, reading through it really reminded me of how poorly my gym is equipped. The program doesn’t have anything really fancy but I’ve still got to find a substitute for quite a lot of exercises.

It’ll be a fun experience, or at least I hope so. If it isn’t I’m probably going to go back to something like what I’ve been doing thus far.

So this also serves as a warning two months in advance; I won’t be logging a single workout from the time I’ll be running CT’s program. I’ll try to make some observations without revealing too much of the program though. (That’s not a promise, it’s a guess)


I got it for free by accident, i was looking for CT programs on Neurotypes and when i searched it there was a pdf site and now i have it. I thought it would be fake or a scam but its the real thing!


How did you like the way it was laid out?


Honestly, i probably wouldnt run that program. Just seems kind of boring to me as well as repetitive. Doesn’t look that intense either and some of the exercises are just weird like all of the zercher stuff. I have no doubt it would be a very effective program though


How can a program with no percentages, RPEs or “hold back” - subtexts look like it ain’t intense?


It’s no secret that Thibs likes all things zercher. I used some zercher squats/deads I’m the military and they are pretty fun.

If you haven’t tried zercher stiff legged deads, do so. The stretch on your hams is amazing.


That’s true…

I’ll look those up. Sounds interesting


Oh yeah, @duketheslaya, did you notice how much trap-intensive work the 1A plan included? I wonder if I’ll ever be able to regain a decent amount of balance between traps and delts after finishing it


Oh my god your traps are going to explode :joy:


Change of plans

I’m going to do the mock meet this week. That seems like the only really sensible option at this moment - my body is is giving me obvious signs that it needs rest, so I’ll give it rest. I’m going to train with a tad lowered volume for tomorrow and the day after. After that it’ll be a rest day, a neural charge session, the mock meet, and another rest day. (If I don’t change it around again)

While I’m dieting my training will mainly be focused on getting ready for Thib’s plan; I’m going to make sure I’m able to do all of the exercises he has planned out (read: gonna get my shoulders a bit looser to be able to do dips) and I’ll be doing more stuff like external rotations and rear delts so I don’t have to worry about them while pushing it.

So yeah, that’s that.


Just pulled a solid single with 240kgs on conventional for a post-tweak PR. I actually don’t remember what my all time PR is as I got lost in the spiral of odd deads for quite a while. And besides, that’s not really comparable as I try to be a bit more careful nowadays

The goal is to hit 165kg on bench (tng) and 250kg on deads on Saturday.


Well that didn’t happen. Got 160 halfway up on bench and 250 felt like it was glued to the floor on deads.

So 2x155kg bench and 240kg dead were the best I got in this block.

Sure, I’m pissed, but I’m also happy that I didn’t break anything. Didn’t post about it but I misgrooved a three plate low incline on Monday and ever since my left clavicle/upper chest/front delt area has been feeling a bit fucky. I’m not really feeling it on flat bench but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t break there.

The quad is better though, I can do stuff with no pain, just a tad bit of tightness there.

Next three-ish weeks I’ll be dieting and preparing for my next program, it’s a nice change of pace.


I almost swung for the powerbuilding template during the sale but I really want to try and write my own stuff for a while after the boot camp.

By the way, speaking of CT, diets and the like… did you catch this on the forums: Health Benefits of IF vs Cortisol Problems of Type 3’s ? I think it looks interesting, and I might model my diet after that, after the boot cap has ended. I say diet, but I won’t be dieting though. I’ll have to adjust the days a bit to fit my climbing schedule but other than that it should work just fine. I have a lot of excess skin, and I’ve read that intermittent fasting can encourage the body to use old skin proteins when it’s in autophagy mode. It will also keep me from filling up my adipocytes immediately after the diet…

I guess you’re not joining the T-ransformation 2019 edition?