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Natty on Pennies


I’m a bit surprised myself of how well my training has worked. Gonna crank the intensity up a notch for my next block. We’ll see how that works.


Remember that program ages ago with the three phases? It hit me that even though you didnt know about all this neurotyping stuff a while back, how you’ve trained/ what you experienced was always like a Type 1a. You’re one smart dude. I plan on running that program after my strongman comp. If you think about it: it had intensity, enough variation and it had variation of the main lift like pauses, Deadstop (The harder variation), didn’t have too much volume, Heavy weights, frequency and so on.


By how much exactly? Your training looks intense already it seems


Oh yeah, it was a great program. Especially great for a type 1 as the program itself challenges you; slack off and you won’t get to lift as heavy next time around.

I’ve always had a pretty good intuition when it comes to programming for different people; even years ago when I wrote programs to my friends (still do that) they pretty much fell in line with what CT recommends for their neurotypes now.

Funny that you bring that up. You see, although my weights have increased every week, the reps have become easier and easier. 152.5kgs on bench was a whole lot easier this week than 140 was 6-8 weeks ago. Front squats have been the thing I’ve had to grind the most on, and -not surprisingly- they were the thing I failed on first.

Overall I had a lot of heavy volume in this block. In the next block I’ll be bringing it down a bit. I’ve played around with the idea of using the same exercises as I did in this block and going as follows:

isometric against pins
Exercise 1:
Ramp to a solid 2RM
Drop to ~95% and do two cluster sets (both will be probably 5-6 reps)

Exercise 2:
2 heavy rest pause-sets (initial set would be 3-4 reps followed by one mini-set)

Exercise 3:
3 sets of 5-8 reps depending on the exercise

Anything after that just 2 rest pause sets with the initial set being 6-12 followed by one mini-set.

It’s going to be a pretty neurologically demanding block, so it probably won’t last much over 5-6 weeks. After that I may do a short realization phase.


The only issue i have is i wouldnt know how to program in my Strongman stuff like yoke/atlas stones etc. Since other stuff has carryover to that like a strong posterior chain for stones etc, it shouldn’t be an issue. Plus strongman stuff does beat up your body and joints more than regular barbell stuff, so it will be good and refreshing to have a break after my comp. Obviously once i get back to doing them i will just be a bit rusty that’s all. Btw, would you ever consider online programming? I’d be happy to pay $$ for a personalised program. I like alot of your methods, plus i feel like you understand me and my training needs.

That’s pretty good to have. Makes you an excellent coach.

That looks pretty good! I notice it’s very tailored towards type 1a (Well duh, you did just do the course and it would be silly not to incorporate the information for your neurotype) i see alot of stuff on there I’ve read. It’ll be cool to see your progress vs your old training methods.

Also That looks fun lol…


If you want to have an event day you could switch the order of your other days and make the cycle a week long;

  1. Lower
  2. Upper
  3. Rest
  4. Lower
  5. Upper
  6. Event day
  7. Rest

That’s just so you don’t have to do stuff like stones and yoke just a day after deads and squats.

Stuff like axle presses could be done as either main lifts or assistance on upper body days

Maybe sometime in the future, as it would be a pretty efficient way to make money without having to drive to work at different gyms/locations on other jobs. Right now I have way too much on my plate to even consider it though. I also want to get to a point where I can say that I’m an excellent one on one coach before expanding it to online coaching. You see, with online coaching a lot can go wrong if the client isn’t honest and if the coach isn’t actually qualified to do it/isn’t interested enough in what he’s doing.

You and I are really quite similar, so it’s logical that the things that work for me work for you as well.

I swear, every single time I trained someone when I was in the military somebody came up to me and told me how obvious it was that I really loved coaching

Oh yeah, put a type 2 or 3 on this kind of programming and they’ll explode.

Even now the difference is amazing. You see, I hit three plates or so on bench (with a close grip) for the first time shortly after starting this log, I think. After that I’ve tried all kinds of bodybuilding programs and while I’ve always gotten stronger in terms of hitting volume goals, my maximal strength never really went up.
I think that the only times I really made progress in terms of strength or size was when I really pushed the weights as I got fed up with pump work every once in a while

After mere two months of training like a 1A is supposed to train I’m way up in strength (maximal strength you’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure I’d crush my volume PRs as well)

Last time I was this strong/close was just before military when I trained very heavy every day with some assistance in there. Coincidence? I think not.

Now yeah, it’s obvious that your maximal strength goes up if you train it but this rate of progress is ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be cursing myself after the first session with front squats


Good idea

That’s fair enough.


Well of course, you’re passionate about what you love to do.

Say goodbye to them

That is crazy. It’s great you are prpgressing at this rate especially when you’re already strong af. It’s harder to progress once you’ve been training a while.

I feel like front squats feel like death, no matter what you do :joy:


Training log;
Moving to the next block;
Upper body

  1. Low incline bench overload
    6 seconds with 170kgs

  2. Low incline bench
    Ramp to 2x130kgs
    2 cluster sets of 6x1x122.5kgs (5 breaths between reps)

  3. CGBench
    3x4+2x135kgs (15 breaths between mini-sets)

  4. Strict bent over row

  5. Side laterals
    10+4x22.5kgs (10 breaths between mini sets)
    15+7x20kgs (10 breaths between mini-sets)

  6. BB Curl
    2x10+3x50kgs (10 breaths between mini-sets)

  7. Standing calf raise

Extreme stretches for upper body, regular ones for lower body


Now that I’m moving on to the next block, I’ll be logging one week in full.

On the overload I set pins so that I had to lift the bar for literally an inch. Didn’t feel too bad, but it’s definitely heavy.

On low incline bench I worked up to my best double from last block to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it from the get go, it felt really solid. After the double I reduced the weight a little and did two clusters of six singular reps.

On CGB I did heavy rest-pause sets, I thought I’d do 3x3+1, but it felt pretty good so I went for sets of 4+2, which is arguably safer than doing sets of 3+1 if the RPE is the same between the two.

Bent over rows, three plates, nothing special over here. Still not using straps.

On the other hand, I did use straps on side laterals. The knurling is so poor that the bells slide in your hands during the set and that’s really annoying. Also dropped the weight a bit for the second set because the first one was a bit too ugly for my liking.

Throwing the big 15kg plates on an olympic bar for curls feels nasty. Did the first 7-8 reps on both sets pretty strict and used a tad bit of body English for the remaining reps.

The 100 rep calf set is something I do when the smith machine is being used and I don’t have time to wait around. It’s better than nothing.

All in all, this was a pretty hard session. But it did feel good, I’m excited to see what happens during the next few weeks.


Just found out that Stan Lee has died.


I mean, we all knew it was coming, he was an old guy but it still feels a bit unreal.

May he rest in peace


R.I.P Stan Lee


Training log:
Lower body:

  1. Deadlift
    Ramp to 2x215kgs
    Clusters; ~10s between reps
    2x1x200 (jesus)

  2. Good morning from pins (rp, 15 breaths between mini-sets)

  3. Heel elevated front squat

  4. Leg extension (rp, 10 breaths)

  5. Seated calf raise (10s between sets)


Felt tight as fuck coming in. I’m not saying that a part of it could be the fact that I did some catching up with a friend yesterday, but as it involved playing The Forest for five hours straight I’m not denying it either.

And yes, I also forgot to do the isometric in the beginning of the session, oh well.

215 moved pretty well, but honestly, I thought I’d be moving something around 230 as the 225 was smooth as butter two weeks ago. Let’s just say I wasn’t at my best today and try again next time. (Actually next time I’ll be pulling off of a deficit but you get the point.

Also, doing deadlift clusters with a belt and straps means you’ll be down on one knee with your belt on while strapped to the bar, which feels fucking horrible. Doing the reps as a continuous set would’ve been much easier.

Good mornings were brutal. It’s one thing to do straight sets of three that are not necessarily even done to failure, but rest pausing such big movement with low rep ranges wipes you the fuck out.

3x5 on front squats is much easier than 4x6. So much easier, even with a higher level of fatigue

Overall, this was not that great of a session, if we judge by the performance on the movement of highest priority. Hopefully next time is better.


Oh yeah, weighted in at 100.4kgs today before training. That’s with one meal down. Pretty funny when you think about the fact that I was 81kgs like four months ago.

(@mortdk and @simo74, what’s taking so long with you guys?)

Yeah I’m a bit fatter than I was back then, obviously. At 81kgs I could use the last hole of my belt comfortably, now I can get it to second last hole if I try but it’s a bit tight. (Third last is still too loose)

As a point of reference; my belt has holes with about an inch or so in between each one.


I guess it has something to do with not eating enough. And by the rate I’m gaining I wouldn’t like to do it quicker. I’m fat enough as it is. I’ve gone at least two holes out on my belt. And it starts to bruise my fat stomach :slight_smile:


Not eating anywhere near enough mate. I am pretty sore as my test levels drop with ago so does my appetite and ability to force feed myself. Well done on hitting 100. What’s next for you ?


Have you had a notably bigger appetite before?

I’m at the point where I feel I could down like 7K calories daily without any problem, just with regular food, so I’m pretty hungry most of the time.

Thanks man. The grand goal is 125kgs, which I originally planned on hitting at the end of 2020, but the end of next year/early 2020 seems more likely at the moment.

As for now, I’ll continue eating through this block of training (4-6 weeks) and a couple of weeks after that if I decide to test any of my lifts. After testing/after this block if not testing I’ll do a mini-diet for 3 or so weeks.


In my 20’s and 30’s I could eat 6000 cals a day easy. I used to eat 4 Big Macs for lunch back then (haven’t been in a maccas for 13 years).
These days I struggle to eat 3500-4000. I think some of it is just time. Work is very busy so there is only time for 2 meals a day at work. Add in breakfast and dinner and a pre bed meal and it’s hard to get enough cals with clean eating.


Training log;
Upper body:

  1. Bench overload
    6 seconds with 180kgs

  2. Bench
    2 cluster sets of 4x1x142,5kgs (5 breaths between reps)

  3. High Incline CGBench (rp, 15 breaths)

  4. Meadows row

  5. Hammer curl (rp, 10 breaths)

  6. Smith machine calf raise (rp, 10 breaths)

Extreme stretches for upper body, regular ones for lower body


Really happy with the bench double. Nothing much to say apart from that.


My back decided to go in all “fuck you”-mode last time. I had pain from my lower back all the way to my right knee for six hours straight. Had to pretty much stand on one leg and limp around as putting too much pressure on my right foot felt like I’d fall over and die from the pain.

This morning it was all gone.

I never had these problems before I tweaked my back, so I’m assuming that there’s a nerve impingement or something in there

Gonna take some conservative numbers on my squats today


Damn dude


Training log;
Lower body:

  1. Front squat overload
    6 seconds with 210kgs

  2. Front squat
    Cluster; 6x1x125kgs (5 breaths between reps)

  3. Hip thrust (rp, 15 breaths)

  4. Leg curl (rp, 10 breaths)

  5. Seated calf raise DC style


Back was fine. However, I had this nagging pain/tightness in my right quad. Front squats hurt pretty bad. I was supposed to do two clusters, but on the second one I couldn’t even go down for one rep so I left it. (And I did not do the pin squats I had planned)

I even felt it on hip thrusts. Weird.

Not the session I wanted, but it’ll have to suffice.