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That’s not what a discussion forum is “meant” for. But you do have an About Me section in your profile.


I’ve posted my instagram on here plenty of times as well as pictures of me so why should my email get taken down when i post it? You can’t just allow one thing without the other. If you’re going to ban emails from being posted than might as well ban everything else.

That’s true


Interesting suggestion, we can consider it. :roll_eyes: But really, social media accounts are a bit more of a gray area (#21stCenturyProblems) and they’re still a bit less problematic/slightly more anonymous than phone numbers and e-mail addresses, especially when the e-mails contain the person’s name.

Again, it’s simply forum policy not to post offline personal contact info like that and they’re removed as soon as they’re spotted. Been that way for years and years.



Fair enough.

Would you ever bring back Dms? I don’t know how it was setup before, but maybe so people couldn’t contact each other randomly, have something like a message request system where you accept peoples messages or deny them?


Bad apples spoiled the bunch and that’s why we can’t have nice things. Choose your metaphor, but it’s pretty much a No. They were removed long before the new forum was put in place and they’re very, very likely staying gone.

Sorry for the hijack, Dante.


No problem man, I’m not that uptight about what’s posted in the log, and if some off-topic conversation can explain why things are the way they are, great

Also, being about the biggest thread hijacker around here it would be quite hippocratic for me to complain


Training log:

137.5kg low incline bench

215kg deficit deadlift

152.5kg bench

Today; got stapled with 152.5kg front squat, gonna deload for the rest of the week

I’m not deloading solely because of the failed squat, but rather because I’ve felt like I should deload for a while now, I’ve just been pushing it forward. The first three days of every week have been good up until now, but for the last two weeks the last three sessions of each week have been one hell of a grind. I’ve also started to notice random joint pain just appearing; knees hurt when I walk and my wrists feel like they are going to shatter, so I figured it’d be a good idea to deload for a bit.

Today I only did my first triple and double on front squats, one set of leg curl and one set of hip thrust. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll do a neural charge session and on Saturday I’ll do two solid triples of pause bench (maybe around 80-85%) and two sets of weighted chins. Then, on Monday I’ll go back to training heavy with bit different setup in terms of loading schemes and methods.


Hey man, as someone who trains 4 days a week when should i do a neural charge session? Sunday? I have wednesdays and weekends off.


Sunday or Saturday. I’d go with Sunday with your schedule. Make sure that you understand the principles behind neural charge so you can implement it properly and actually benefit from it


I haven’t looked into it much so i have to do some research. After like two days off i notice the effects of not training. I also need to make my warmup more suited to me but i struggle to find info regarding warmups and my neurotype.


I like just doing a general warmup for the bodyparts I’ll be training; something like;
Leg curl
Back extension
Hanging leg raise
on lower body days, all done for one set of 10-12 reps, followed by short (10-15s) stretches for anything that feels stiff.

Regarding neurotyping, as a 1A you may want to do an isometric version of your main movement (so against pins), a functional isometric (lifting a weight for ~1-2 inches off from pins and pushing against another set of pins), or a heavy hold/unrack (naturally with weights greater than you’re going to use)


I’ve only done heavy unracks/holds twice and i really like them. My best front squat sessions were when i unracked heavier weights whilst warming up for working sets. For the heavy unrack with weigts greater than what I’m going to use, would you recommend say for overhead press unracking something i cannot get off my clavicles and just trying to press it for 6-9 seconds?


With overhead press I’d rather do isometrics against pins, because unlike in a squat or a bench you are in the bottom position of the lift when you unrack


Ohhh ok. Also I’m curious out of deadlift,Squat,Bench and overhead press which 2 are your strongest? (Obviously bench will be higher than ohp but if you were to compare them)


That’s a very easy and a pretty hard question at the same time because out of those four I only train two at the moment (bench and dead). So naturally if I just maxed out all of them those two would come out as the strongest ones.

But if we were to compare my best ever lifts of each one OHP would probably come out as the best one, followed by bench and deadlift (I’d say those are tied). Squatting has never been a strength of mine, pretty sure I never back squatted over 200 kilos before I ditched them.


Are you just focusing on those two for a while?

Interesting man. I have a theory+observation that since type 1as are not explosive like a type 1b and they do well with deadstop variations etc, that the type 1a (Exceptions of course like limbs and proportions ) will naturally be better at overhead pressing and deadlifting. Whilst type b will be better at squatting/benching than an A. they can utilise the stretch reflex more + it starts from an eccentric. So far from the people on this forum it seems to be true for alot of Type 1a’s, Including myself.


Yeah, I wanted to use heavier presses (in absolutes) so I went with bench variations and back squats make my back tighten up so I’m not doing them regularly at all.

I do fit into your theory as well, and it makes sense in a certain way. Leverages are, however, a big thing. My leverages for squat suck ass, but for presses and pulls they are pretty decent.

The biggest thing is if you compare paused strength to touch and go on really any movement. 1Bs lose a massive amount of strength, while 1As don’t lose all that much.


Oh well squats are a pussy lift anyway :wink:

Interesting. Man i wish i had the money to do the neurotyping course. I’m so obsessed with it right now :joy:


Training log;
Deload; bench&pullups

  1. Paused bench

  2. Weighted pull ups

  3. Face pull


I’m surprised. When I said I’d work up to an easy double I never thought it would mean doing doubles with my previous all time record. And it flew up, it felt like I could’ve done it for sets of 8 or something.

Pull ups didn’t feel as light, but pretty easy nevertheless. Didn’t use fat grips on them today.

Finished up with some face pulls, foam rolling and stretching.


Shit man!! What you’re doing is obviously working well.