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Today was a great day.

First off; I got a new low incline PR of 132.5kgs for a single, and after that I did 3x3 with 132.5 on CGB. I’m not feeling sick anymore at all. So that’s great.

But even more importantly than that: I finally got applied for a school.

A couple of months ago I noticed that there were a couple of schools that offered physical therapy education that begins in January. (Usually schools begin in the fall). There were 20 or so spots for physical therapy in one of the biggest schools in the country. So I decided to apply just so I could say I did it.

I got in with just my matriculation examination results, which was really surprising to me, as only the top 5 get in with that. I didn’t even have to go into the entrance exams. I’m really pumped about this. I feel like I’m finally advancing in life; four years from now I’ll be a certified physical therapist.


That’s so awesome man! Proud of you


Amazing, what does it include?


Thanks man!
Guess third time is the charm

Deeper imfo on different neurotypes and how to evaluate which one a trainee is. Best training methods for each neurotype, building a session and a block of training based on an individuals neurotype and some more. It’s pretty cool stuff.


Just finished with the neuro typing course final exam. So now I am a certified professional when it comes to this stuff :wink: (should probably get my personal training cert next, although not having it hasn’t affected me yet)

We’ll see what I can make out of this, it’ll take a while to really figure out the real world applications for neuro typing, but I’m sure it’ll come I’m handy.


Training log;

Top singles from this week:

132.5kg low incline bench

210kg deficit deadlift

147.5kg bench

150kg front squat

125kg pendlay row
3x3 w/30 kilos added on fat grip pull ups

137.5kg paused front squat

Sunday (today):
Nearly tipped the power rack over while doing bench against pins

I’ve noticed that I tend to feel beat up and even a bit sick on Saturday evenings and Sundays, but otherwise I’m feeling absolutely great.


Good feels update;

You know you’re doing something right when your co-workers tell you you’ve blown up and ask what kind of cycle you’re on


General update;

Got sick as hell last night. I had a total of 8 hours from when I got off from work to when I had to be back, and because my throat was fucked and my nose was stuffed I couldn’t sleep. Probably got 2-3 hours of sleep in last night in 20-30 minute intervals.

Today I felt a tad but better, but still pretty sick. Throat pain was pretty much gone but my nose was stuffed and I had this general feeling of sickness. After working for 11 hours I got home, took a 30 minute nap and had some coffee. Felt decent, not healthy by any means but decent, so I decided to head off to the gym.

Now I’m not a complete moron so I decided to cut my volume back. Instead of wave loading deads I decided to just ramp to the top single I was supposed to do (215kgs). It felt ridiculously easy so I decided to jump a bit more and pulled 225kgs, which was also easy. (As it should be, but this was a post-tweak PR nevertheless)

Part of that may be the fact that for the first time ever I tried compression pants. My biggest problem with deads is that I’ve always pulled more or less with a rounded back so my leg drive sucks. (That’s why I deficit dead so close to my regular deads; they force me to use my legs) The compression really helped me to remember to use my legs.

After that I did my good mornings from pins with what I was supposed to do. (180kgs, that is).

On heel elevated front squats I just did 2x6 with 105kgs (was supposed to be 4x6x102.5 but cut the volume in half)

Finished with two sets of leg extensions with 70kgs.

At the moment I’m trying my best to be game ready tomorrow, as I have a big milestone to hit on bench (150kgs). Eating a lot and downing a ton of garlic today.


Bulking update:

So, six(ish) weeks ago I weighted in at 89 kilos “bloated to hell and back”. Today, before gym (so one meal in) I weighted 97kgs on the dot. Yeah, I gained some fat but I’m not too fussed about it.

Just teaching you guys a lesson about bulking :wink:

Really, I should tone it down a bit. With this pace I’d be around 110kgs when the year ends.


Any chance we’ll ever see a pic of you?


Once I feel that I’ve achieved something worth posting (be it a crazy level of leanness or a large amount of mass without being a fatass) I may put something up. As I am a tall guy it takes a whole lot of time to fill out the frame.


Basing myself on the stats, lifts, and knowledge you posted so far, I would bet money you already have something worth showing :wink:


I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep for a while now (apart from last night, got eleven hours straight). For instance, at this very moment I’ve been just laying in bed for two hours straight. And no, I haven’t been on my phone for the whole time, I’m here just to tell you that this is fucked up. Gonna read something, maybe that’ll help.

I’ve stated numerous times that I can function and perform quite well even when sleep deprived, but that doesn’t mean sleeping only a couple of hours per night was optimal.

This is most likely due to two things; the sickness (which has pretty much passed, thank god) and the fact that I’ve been training pretty close to the limit for like seven weeks straight. But man, I’m progressing so fast that it’s hard to stop. In my mind I’ve just got to find a way that’ll allow me to fall asleep on command without deloading.

Ironically as I’m writing this I’m starting to feel really sleepy. Probably going to fall asleep before I even find anything to read.


Hopefully you have just gotten a decent sleep, but as someone who is bound to get sleep apnea as every male in my family has had it, I’ve always been exposed to really maximise your sleep, no matter how tired or fatigued you feel
1, get off your phone at least 30 mins before going to sleep, and if you own a phone that has the options to turn off blue light on your screen, then use it
2, try keep the room as dark and cold as you can
3, have a glass of lemon water before bed
4, try go for a light 5 minute stroll anywhere before your nightly pre bed routine

Little things that have helped me immensely, I hope for your own sake things get better soon.
Sleep is the one thing you don’t want dramas with


Got a couple of hours in, luckily I had time to take a nap after breakfast

I actually have an app that turns on blue light filter at 10PM, it’s pretty handy.

As per getting off the phone soon enough, I should really do a better job with that. More often than not I’m reading articles or books on my phone far too close to bedtime

This is a funny one. Depending on where I’m staying at the moment I’ll either be sleeping in a room that has enormous windows with no curtains (although now that winter is coming that won’t be too big of a deal). Or in a room that is really hot. With the latter I usually resort to moving into the couch in a different room at some point of the night

Gotta try these two

Spot on, man. Thanks for the tips!


Not a problem man, 100% try them, I’ll bet my bottom dollar it’ll help immensely

With your blue light filter, the longer you can have it on, the better
Samsung I’m assuming? I turn mine on at like 7pm
Its crazy the difference it makes


HTC actually, it’s just an app I found (for free) from the store. I’ll try turning it on earlier to see if what difference it makes


I tend to have problems falling asleep too due to anxiety at times. Last winter it got so bad that every day I would fear the evening because I know what was awaiting me in the night.

Heart racing, thoughts racing, hot waves despite the weather being freezing cold (I would often sleep shirtless, sheetless, and with a fan on despite the temperature being like 3 deg Celsius), borderline panic attacks.

Now it seldom happens and I have managed to convince myself that everything’s going to be alright even when I can’t sleep a lot (I rarely felt a difference the day after), but something I found that helps me is glycine.

CT recommends taking 10-15 g before bed I think, and despite I hate the taste and feel, it’s helped me fall asleep the times I’ve had troubles more recently. Call it placebo effect (which it might very well be), but I did notice a difference. Being a substance that depresses the nervous system, it’s supposed to help neurons shut down and should get you in an optimal state for falling asleep.

I also tried biotest’s Z-12 and melatonin but I prefer plain glycine.


Damn man, that sounds really rough. Personally I feel anxious very rarely if ever. Actually I can’t recall the last time I’ve had anxiety. For me it’s just laying there, not being able to fall asleep. I’m not doing anything, I’m not thinking about anything, it’s odd.

I actually do use glycine (well, gelatine, which has glycine) not quite 15 grams but a hefty dose nevertheless.

Even if it was placebo, as long as it is working it’s worth it.

I’m not that good with having a million different capsules and supplements to take, I won’t remember all of them. With melatonin (which I’ve never used) I’m also concerned about becoming dependant on it, and not being able to sleep if you couldn’t have it for some reason.

I did what @bigjez suggested today and man, I could fall asleep right now. (Obviously as I’m still here I didn’t intend on going to sleep so early but I don’t really have anything urgent to do so might as well pay off some of that sleep-debt)


Training log;
Week in review (top singles)

135kg low incline bench

225kg deadlift

150kg bench

152.5kg front squat

127.5kg pendlay row

140kg paused front squat