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Natty on Pennies


Yeah, especially when we consider that the dude is 6’2", has really poor leverages and he did them pretty damn deep

4.5 plates is a nice and even 200 kilos

But now that you mention it - 5 plates at 125 (which is the goal) would be just about the same ratio that I had when I hit 3 plates at around 82 kilos.

Let’s adjust;
3 Plates overhead
4 On low incline
5 On flat bench
5 On front squat
7 On deads

Should we make that front squat a very unrealistic six plates just to get 3/4/5/6/7 on there?


Lightweight baby


Training log; last three days edition

Gonna just drop the top singles from the first lifts of the day from the last three days here

145 kilo front squat

120 kilo pendlay row

132.5 kilo paused front squat


Front squats are feeling good. Ever since completely dropping back squats my lower back has been a lot happier.

On the row day I had found my limit for fiber (read; I had not taken a shit in two days, God it was horrible to do pendlay rows) but I got through with it.

Today I did paused front squats. It’s really nice to do them because even though the lift is hard the absolute intensity is rather low. This is almost like a recovery day for me really.

I’ve done all of my work for today and I’m probably just going to take a nap, for the last week my average night’s sleep has been like 5 and a half hours due to work.


General update;

Went to see Venom at a theater last night (don’t worry, I didn’t pay for it). Apart from the horrible respiratory issues the guy behind me was having (dude was coughing for literally two hours straight) it was a great movie, so if you’re into action and a bit of humor definitely consider watching it. It’s not really a “deep” movie so if you’re a person that only watches movies for their plot and meaning you could skip it.

On to other things

I’ve noticed that I have pretty much stopped reading articles about training and nutrition and whatnot. Really only time I read them is when someone links stuff here. I find that this really makes it easier to stick to my programming and to have faith in what I’m doing (there’s no “wonder if this another program was better” or “I wish I could do this program right now” kind of stuff).

Really the only thing I’m trying to gain insight on is neurotyping, because I find it a very interesting topic. The problem is that the amount of free content is pretty limited (as it should be really) and the neurotyping course is damn expensive. I know it could be a very worthwhile investment but the thought of putting a grand into it is horrifying. At least at this stage where I’ve still got some material to go through.

For the first time after discovering DC I’m getting this feeling of wonder and excitement towards a “school of though” so to speak. It’s nice.


It’s not really a sunk cost unless you let it be just that but if you monetize on the knowledge then the expense is an investment.

I’ve thought about forking out some cash for either online coaching or the course just to satisfy my curiosity as to what type I am though.


That’s very true. The way I view it is that realistically, for my own progress it won’t be that valuable. That’s because in the end, as long as you train hard and somewhat smartly you will reach a point where you’re pretty much at your own limit. Of course it could speed up the process a bit.

Now the thing is, could having such knowledge bring me up on the ladder of personal training hierarchy? As in, would it make me differ from other so radically that I could raise my fees and thus work less?

It’s hard to say about that because the personal training industry is really saturated, it seems like every third person is a trainer or a coach of some sort.

You’re really a confusing one in regards to neurotyping. You choose to do these functionality-esque workouts with big compounds and are seemingly confident which would be more of a type 1 thing, yet you are a really structure and organising oriented person which is more of a type three thing. It’s not like a type 1 couldn’t be organized or a type three wouldn’t want to do big and explosive movements, but it’s still off-putting.

Compare that to, say, @duketheslaya and you see a drastic difference; it’s really easy to tell that duke is a type 1 (my current guess is that duke is a type 1A that takes characteristics of 1B under stress ie. he explodes in your face). Now that’s a really lousy guess as he could just be a 1A because, you know, getting mad over something doesn’t automatically make you a 1B

I’d imagine telling between neurotypes would be far easier if one took the course (and met the guy they’re evaluating in person)


If it really piques your interest, and you can afford it, then I’d say go for it. You’ll never know if the investment pays off until it happens.


Hit a 2.75 plate (130kg) low incline press today, pretty damn pumped about that. I’ll write the whole training update later.

Also looking thicker than ever, it feels like I’ve put on an inch on my arms during the last month.


Thats good to hear


Training log:

Upper body;

  1. Low incline bench

  2. CGB

  3. Strict bent over row

  4. Side laterals

  5. BB Curl

  6. Smith machine calf raise

Extreme stretches for upper body, regular ones for lower body

Every set leading up to the top single felt super hard on incline bench. Like, I was grinding on the first triple. It’s no wonder really as I’ve been doing very heavy work for the last month.

My close grip and incline bench numbers are comically close to my regular bench. Actually I’m pretty sure I could CGB more than I bench at the moment.

Upped weight on lateral raises and kept the sets shorter to avoid activating traps.

Didn’t increase weight on curls but instead did more reps.

Also now I’m starting to train calves again. (Even though the Smith machine still has a warning label. It works so I don’t care)


It’s even worse than just these opposing traits, I just don’t lay everything out to bear online in the logs. I’m leaning more towards the 2a/b description personally but I’m like the least explosive guy anyone has ever known.

If anyone had to sprint away from a wild predator, that person would want me there, because I’d be the slower person and get eaten.


So at least we can rule 1B out due to lack of explosiveness. I do remember CT mentioning that 1As are not that explosive unless they are really strong, and as a 1A myself I do feel that is true, at least when we compare to 1B guys. (Had one of those in the military, dude could clean more than he squatted and his clean was like 85% or so of his deadlift, which is pretty damn high)

If you don’t feel like you’re a super confident and competitive guy we can rule 1A out as well. After that, it’s just about being honest with yourself when telling between 2A and 2B; how well do you take pressure, how confident are you?


I was scrolling trough the IM forum (which is the cradle of DC training) and came across this, written by DC himself

the lighter guys in the 150 to 250lb range in this forum

This is just a friendly reminder that if you are sub 250 pounds you are a lightweight :wink:


Yeah I’m out :joy:


You and @losthog are pretty much the only ones out, @MarkKO and @JMaier31 are pretty close too. The rest of us, well, we got a long road ahead.


Give me three to six months.


Danteism, I was reading your log and I came across a post where you mentioned something along the lines of “loading sets for back, pump work for chest and delts,” I was wondering what the difference between the two modalities is.

I see you did highish reps for back as well, so couldn’t that be classified as pump work too? Is it more a matter of focus, that is more on weight for loading sets whereas it’s upon reps and mmc for pump work? Just wondering.


The main difference between the two is, as you suspected, what I focused on when performing the movement.

With loading sets the main focus was to move heavy-ish weight. But as I’m trying to build muscle I can’t just go and do half squats and such. So what I did instead was this; I picked exercises that target the intended muscle well and aligned myself in such a way that it would be hard to use the “wrong” muscles when performing the exercise. For example, I did my rows without body english and instead of dragging the bar up my thighs I would move it in a straight vertical path.
So loading sets; heavy weight on carefully picked exercises.

With pump work I usually paired isolation and compound exercises. For example I may have done upper chest flies and incline DB bench as a superset. With the isolation exercise I would focus on getting a lot of quality contractions and with the compound movement I’d do even semi-short sets (think 6-8) with a bigger weight but I’d slow the tempo down a lot. This combined with the fact that the assisting muscles would not be the same between the two (a fly and a press for example) would ensure that it was my chest that gave out first instead of my triceps. (Which would’ve happened if we combined two presses)

So pump work; basically just creating maximal fatigue in the muscle without going completely into the fluff territory.

Hopefully you got what I meant with this.


Very clear indeed, thank you for the explanation


Probably super confident, unless we discuss philosophically what confidence actually is. If you can act confident then are you de-facto confident?

I can talk to just about anyone, although I rarely do because most people aren’t that interesting. I trash talk a lot, maybe for fun, or as an acquired trait. Not sure, people seem to enjoy it though so I’ve kept with it. It draws more laughs than just behaving nicely. Don’t hate losing as much as it seems a Type 1 personality would, but I’ve lost a lot so maybe I’ve just learned how to downplay it.

Hypothetically, not me necessarily, would a Type 1 personality that has experienced a lot of shit value winning as much or couldn’t that simply be downplayed in perspective to everything else. I.e., winning this game of X isn’t that important in respect to life events X, Y, Z…

how well do you take pressure, how confident are you?

Pretty well, although I prefer less pressure just for quality of life I can definitely procrastinate just to get the adrenaline associated with the risk of not finishing something on time.

I don’t find that I’m as introverted as CT says he is, he’s a type 2 something.