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Do you know how to eliminate/what to do to help with the choking? Its annoying having to leave heaps of reps on the table because of choking

If front squats persists choking me on high reps, I’ll go back to low reps. I really like 10 sets of 3 on front squats with 80% of your 1rm with real short rest periods. They’re brutal af (Only done that once though)


I actually have no clue of why I’m not choking. I use a crossed arm grip (aka- bodybuilding grip), put my thumbs under the bar and have my shoulders forward. That’s my grip in a nutshell. It’s stable, I can breath for days and nothing is hurting.

Of course it could just be that I’m so kinky that I don’t even notice choking anymore

Doesn’t sound like a bad plan. At one point I did double rest-pause sets on front squat where the total reps climbed to around 30 or so. That was kinda fun.


I’ll come back to this post tomorrow to give you a proper response but I felt as if it was necessary to, seeing as you are being open, to assure you that you are not coming of as whiny or depressive.


Maybe its the cross armed grip. I use a clean grip and my elbows start to drop a bit when doing high reps so i start getting crushed for breath. Clean grip has a massive varryover to strongman but for high rep front squats i might try bodybuilding grip.


Double rest pause sounds brutal


Could be, although I didn’t have any problems with clean grip either

That’s a thing worth trying; I’m pretty sure strong legs carry over to strongman as well


The best thing that was ever written on these forums.


I can relate in a lot of ways, I’ve struggled heaps and tons with identity, online and offline. Have also not heard the kindest words with regards to my body growing up, and so on. So, I get where you are coming from. Maybe, someday, you can move past it. I did, and it’s just a huge load off my shoulders. I found that there is really no reason for me to care about what light others view me in, or what they think of me. Caring about that only serves to bring me down and stress me out and I think it’s too high a price to pay for strangers that I don’t even know.

So, nowadays, I just try to do what I want to do without much care for how it comes off. Of course, I guess not everyone can get away with this, but if you aren’t an asshole underneath the surface I’m pretty sure you can live your life in a way that you see fit and still mesh well with others. This text is probably incoherent :slight_smile:

I’m far up north to the point where the sun doesn’t set during summer and I’d be lucky to see the sun during the deep winter months.


Lol yeah


I heh what you’re saying, and I raise you my perspective; not having anything that could be used as a tool against you gives you the opportunity to not care about what other people think of you. So, I need to be confident about everything I post that could be linked back to me. Knowing that there is nothing that could be used to humiliate me gives me freedom

In real life I’m more of an asshole on the surface and a nice guy inside, or you could view me in that way at the first glance. I banter a lot, I like being sarcastic and playfully insulting other people (never to the point of actually hurting them though, and never in front of other people.) On the internet I try to leave that out as it can really come off as insulting when you can’t hear the way something is said or see what kind of body language the other person is using.

Time to start hibernating soon, eh?
I’ve never lived in the far north, I’ve only been there for a couple of times on vacations. Lapland is amazing in fall.


Seems like we went with opposite sides of the coin!

Me too! 100% :smiley:

Not me. I’ve lived in other cities, I like it here the best for some weird reason.


I’m going to ditch weighting myself for a couple of weeks, just to see what happens. I feel that I may limit myself when I see the scale going up and by doing this I mitigate that. Gonna go with mirror and lifting belt assessment. (I only ever use the two tightest holes in my belt, if I can’t fit into the second tightest one I know I’m too damn fat).

Going without a scale is something Dante recommends for DC trainees, as people tend to put on 15-30 pounds on their first blast. Keeps you from undereating. And that’s what I want to achieve as well. Probably gonna go around 4-6 weeks before stepping on scale again. (If I decide I’m too fat I’ll hop on just to see what that point is, cut down a bit and continue)

I was 89 kilos a few days ago in a pretty damn bloated condition. Eating around 375p/500c/80f at the moment for six days a week and having one control day of three untracked meat/veggie meals and one pro/carb meal.

Probably gonna be 92-93 kilos when I weight in next time (or like 150, I don’t know)


Do you have an easy time gaining fat? Why so low on the fats?


As long as I stick to “good foods”, not really at all.

By good foods I mean stuff like eggs, red meat, chicken, rice, oats and nuts (+vegetables and supplements of course)

With stuff like that it’s pretty comfortable to eat, say, 5.5K calories + 1 1/2 - 2 pounds of vegetables a day.

If, on the other hand, I start eating stuff like pastries and candy I’ll get fat as fuck pretty easily. You see, my stomach is bottomless. With such calorie dense and not filling food I can easily down over 15K calories per day without even thinking about it. Also, I’m not a guy who can just have a piece of cake and leave it. I’m gonna eat the whole damn thing.

I don’t even get a craving for it, I just get a need to eat, so to speak (sick rhymes, by the way). It’s odd. And that’s why I prefer sticking to clean foods.

Two main reasons;

  1. I can’t have a lot of fat and carbs in my diet

  2. I just don’t have time. I eat four solid meals a day (+peri-workout), two are protein+carb meals and two are protein+fat meals

The first pro-fat meal is my breakfast, which is also my pre-workout meal. Because I’m hitting the gym 1.5-2 hours after this meal I can’t have a whole lot of fat in it. (It has about 30g). The second pro/fat meal has about 45g of fat in it (the reminder of fat comes from trace sources). I don’t like “forcing” fat in there so I don’t put oils or anything on my food. I like nuts though.

I’m not counting the fish oil, once again, so it does bump the actual amount of fat up a bit.


Oh my i can relate to this :joy:… I’ll just have one cookie ( 30 cookies later)


Training log; yesterday edition

Lower body

  1. Front squat

  2. Front squat from pins (about parallel)

  3. Leg curl

  4. Hip thrust (rest-pause, 10 breaths)

  5. Reverse hyper on the floor

Felt horribly stiff during my warmups, but it turned out to be a pretty good session after all. Back to three plates on front squats, feels great.

Front squats from pins are brutal. That’s all.

Don’t question my hip thrust strength, please. I’m using it to correct a weakness that is my glutes, so I’ve got to keep it pretty light.


How active are you day-to-day wise? That’s a lot of calories!

Me too, I struggle a lot with ever getting the sense of being full. Vegetables to the rescue.

I was thinking, less carbs, more fats?

We have different definitions of pre-workout meal x)

Why is that? Sorry, don’t understand, is it so that your blood glucose levels will have had a chance to go down so that you’ll be able to spike it and get an insulin response around your training?

Me too! At the end of https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/ill-be-damned-it-works was CT’s diet at the time. 150g of nuts a day! Expensive, I reckon. But I honestly daydream of eating that sometimes.

Fair, how much oil do you go through daily?


Lifting your legs and focusing on contracting the lower back?


I’m on my feet and moving around for more the majority of my time awake.

I’ve never been a fan of high-fat bulking

That’s because I don’t feel the need to increase fat over a certain point. I just eat the amount that is necessary. On a diet that is based on nutrient timing/a keto-ish diet I may eat higher amount of fat but that’s because we don’t want to go under a certain amount of calories and can’t have more carbs because if the nature of the diet

Even my definition of pre-workout meal changes like every two months

Mainly because I just don’t feel all that good if I have too much fat right before training. I’d guess it’s because fat slows down digestion and with a lot of fat I’m probably just in the middle of digesting my meal when I get to the gym.

Jesus Christ that’s a lot. There is this one Finnish bodybuilder that likes to eat 100g of nuts coated in salt in one meal with some protein pudding on the side. Honestly, I don’t even know if that sounds good anymore

Two tablespoons, which is, in my experience, about 15 grams

With bent legs, but yes, exactly. It’s one of the physio movements I got


Training log:

Upper body

  1. Pendlay row

  2. Weighted pull ups w/fat grips

  3. Very low incline DB Bench

  4. Head supported rear laterals (rest-pause, 10 breaths)

  5. Standing cable skullcrusher

Extreme stretches for upper body, regular ones for lower body


Back was feeling quite fucky after 9 hours of lifting awkward objects (namely boxes and pallets) at work, and as this was the first workout with heavy rows I just used weights that felt comfortable. The sets of three felt almost therapeutic.

Pull ups were really solid, which was nice as I haven’t done heavier weights in them for a while

On the bench I just put a bumper plate under one end of a flat bench. Used a very long range of motion in order to take advantage of the fact that I’m using DBs.

Being bored to tears after two sets of rear laterals and having to borderline force the third one made me question how I was able to do twenty sets of different laterals literally two weeks ago. Go figure.

Overall a very good session. Out of all upper body sessions this is the least stressful for me as pulling stuff comes naturally and there is not a single movement where I could get pinned down under a bar, so I don’t need a spotter for this session.

Tomorrow I’ll hit lower body again, then it’s one neural charge session and all over again.