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Training/diet log:

Loading sets for back, pump work for chest and a bit of delts

  1. Strict bent over row
  2. Weighted pull ups w/fat grips
  3. Low angle meadows rows

4a High incline DB bench
4b Stretch push ups
4c High incline DB flies

5a Sides delt burns
5b Side laterals

Don’t be fooled, I’ve been doing my sessions as per usual even though I haven’t been logging them.

Did this session pretty much straight out of bed as I woke up late (although I have vague memory about waking up at 4am and shoveling down whey and nuts, which I could still taste as I woke up later).

However it may be, I’m not a guy that performs his best straight out if bed. If I have an hour of being awake before gym I’m all good, but doing it like this wasn’t exactly what I’d choose to do.

The gym was empty when I got there but about 20 minutes in it started to flood with elderly people who had a circuit training class there, and thus I was quite limited with my equipment for chest work. (Also someone has broken the smtih machine again)

But all in all the session wasn’t bad. Got a nasty lat/delt pump which is always nice.

As a diet note, I’m coming out of the deficit now. I’ll be trying pretty steep alterations between training and rest days in terms of nutrition for thetime before my next mini diet. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Also I hope that mr. Pollack isn’t going to completely steal my “intensity with intention” mantra


How are things?


The knee couldn’t take squatting of any sort on that leg day but luckily it could handle partial leg presses and leg extensions. It’s feeling all good now, no pain whatsoever.

One thing that has been bugging me the last couple of days is my back. Just standing up for two or three hours makes it tighten up like crazy, it’s really odd.


You mean control days?


Thats good its better

Dude i swear shit rotates… for a couple of days my back will bug me. Then it will feel amazing and my elbows will annoy me. Then they will both be feeling good and my shoulders will suck. Then my knees and so on lol


Pretty much so, yeah

For me it’s luckily just my back that bothers me on and off. It’s odd that it is still acting up, it was supposed to recover completely rather fast


What’s your meal plan like right now?


Nothing out of ordinary for me really. I have four meals plus my peri-workout supplementation

Meals go as follows;

125g Lean red meat
4 Eggs

175g Lean red meat
30g Nuts

Peri-workout protocol

250g Chicken
75g Rice

250g Chicken/Some other very lean meat
75g Rye oats
Half an avocado
2 spoonfuls fish oil

On rest days I cut the carbs out and have a bit more meat and nuts. Not eating a whole lot just yet.

This will evolve as I get deeper into this gaining phase, I’ll be ramping the carbs up as I progress with my training.


Do you still roll with gelatin and stuff like that? And, do you “save” green tea for your diet phase?


I take gelatine with the last meal

Yeah, I save green tea for diets. (And to some extent coffee as well, on a surplus I only use it if I absolutely feel the need)


Any other tricks up your sleeve? For either phase

  1. Creatine
    I like to use more creatine during diets and less during gaining phases. The rationale behind that is that during a surplus you’ll naturally have some water retention so your joints won’t be so prone to aching. Also, on a surplus you don’t really have to worry about losing strength.
    Personally I use about 5g/day of creatine during surplus and 10g/day on diets

  2. Training arms on a diet
    Arms usually get pretty hefty amounts of volume from indirect work (rows and presses) and as your recovery resources are limited on a diet it’s easy to overtrain them. Using a moderate volume (think 4-8 sets 1-2 times a week) for direct arm work instead of blasting them to oblivion usually works better for retaining muscle mass.

  3. Raw garlic
    Eating raw garlic seems to be a pretty good way to stay healthy and to recover from a sickness. On diets I usually eat half a bulb or so of garlic per day

  4. Really limited fat on a diet?
    If you have to cook something and want to save just a tiny bit of calories use a pan spray instead of butter/oil. Grilling would be even better but it’s getting kinda late for that.
    With ground beef you don’t even need to use a pan spray or butter as the meat itself is pretty fatty. (Although that would be a more obvious place to cut the fat from)

  5. Want to get a bit more health in your day?
    Greens powders and berry powders are great. Just add big teaspoon worth of it to your post workout shake. After a while you won’t even notice it.

  6. Usually in a hurry?
    Get a smart shaker and put whey, cinnamon and greens/berry powder in the bottle and almonds/nuts if your choice to the bottom. Throw that into your backpack and never miss a meal again. (Of course you could also use a regular shaker and a separate box)

There’s a couple for you, hopefully you enjoyed them

  1. I did, never thought about running a heavier intake of creatine during a diet.
  2. I don’t really do arm work so not an issue for me but noted for future reference
  3. Raw garlic is amazeballs, tried it on your suggestion earlier and my budding cold just evaporated. As did my friends and family x)
  4. This works great for ground beef indeed. Less so for ground chicken sadly. But I try to get in some awesome fats here (ghee, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil). I find I don’t need a lot of it as I cook my entire week’s worth of chicken at the same time.
  5. This is a great suggestion for anyone else reading. It’s not exactly zero calorie, so be mindful of it during a diet. But I’d say that if anything it is essential during a diet to keep the body humming along as best it can.
  6. Great tip for hard-gainers as well (I’m not one x))

Thanks for sharing mate!


Training log; we don’t push back work edition

I was sick yesterday, so hitting legs was not an option. Ate a bulb of raw garlic and surprise, surprise, I’m all good now.

So, naturally I wanted to catch up with my training. Today was supposed to be an arms/delts day but I did my leg work in addition to that as I couldn’t do it yesterday and I’m not going to push my training back.

Loading sets for arms and hamstrings, pump work for delts and quads

1a Hammer curl
1b Rope tricep extensions
1c GHR
2a Seated DB Curl
2b Overhead cable tricep extension

3a Rear laterals
3b Side laterals
3c Spanish leg press
4a Long ROM laterals
4b Front laterals
4c Leg extension


Had 70 minutes to finish this, got done in 60, so the pace was quite high.

Nothing special here, really. The Smith is still out if order so I couldn’t do my presses there.

Also, this was the first time doing SLDL since tweaking my back with them. Got comfortable with them after the first two sets and added a bit of weight. Gotta say that I should’ve worn a belt, I was feeling my lower back after the last set.

I may have been a but sick still, as I was actually feeling fatigued. That’s not normal to me. Then again, doing near 50 sets of whole body exercises in an hour is not really normal to me either.


Training log:
Lower body

I’ve been pretty much hating my leg training as of while so today I just went in without a plan and had a bit of fun with it. Here ya go:

  1. Leg curl rest-paused (15 breaths)
    3x8+4xstack+20kgs+my girlfriend pulling it on the negatives

2a Front squat
2x3/2/1 waves from 105 to 132.5 kilos
2b Deficit deadlift (double overhand)
2x3/2/1 waves ranging from 160 to 195 kilos

3a Front D Squat
3b Leg extension/hanging leg curl
3x12x50kgs on extension, 3x15 on curls

4a Weighted crunch on exercise ball
4b Weighed 3-Point plank


Had a blast.

The leg curls were ridiculous.

Alternating deads and front squats was fun and it didn’t feel like I lost a ton of strength by doing it. The 3/2/1 waves refer to that stuff CT has written about where you do a triple, a double and a single (obviously with increasing weights) and then do it again with bigger weights. You know.

Took it easy with the deads as I’m not quite confident with them just yet. (Remember my back)

Then I did a zigzag of front D-squats (continuous tension low box squats with a pause and an upright torso) with leg curls and extensions. It looked like this:
Set of squats
Set of extensions
Set of squats
Set of leg curls
and so on until I had done six sets of squats.

All in all a really fun session and I actually feel like it wasn’t a waste of time.


Life update:

Yesterday, a customer came up to me at work and asked “hey, don’t you go to the gym nearby?”

I told her that I do indeed.

She told me: “wow, you must have been going for the whole summer!”

My soul is fucking broken

I guess I’m hitting that 125 kilos before Christmas




I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand. It sounds like you look better than you did before the start of the summer which is a good thing, no? But obviously, with your soul being broken, you interpreted this differently.

To get you posting again, what’s your favourite way to hit rhomboids and/or rear delts?


I took it more like a “you look like you’ve been training for a couple of months”

Never asked what exactly she meant

I’ll get back to this in a couple of hours, it’s a busy day


I like my interpretation better. :slight_smile: I got called Hercules by a friend I haven’t seen in months yesterday and I’m willing to bet that your physique is more developed than mine.