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Are you aloud to workout?


That’s really good news. Rest up man


Yeah, everything that doesn’t hurt should be fine

I’ll take it a bit easier for a while now, still going to train but very carefully especially with legs

The medicine is working wonders, I took one pill four hours ago and I don’t feel anything in my back anymore. Still not going to do squats or deadlifts of course.

It’s the same stuff that cured my shin splints, so I have great trust in it


Daily log:


1470 Calories
220g Protein
80g Carbs
30g Fat

Lower body:

lower back stuff
1a Hip thrust
1b Leg curl

2a Seated calf raise
2b Lat pulldown abs

3a Leg extension
3x3x10 (clusters, see notes)
3b Constant tension partial leg press
3x30-20 (add weight with every set)

4 (straight after last set of leg press)
Leg extension
Same weight, three-set dropset with every set to failure starting from the same weight as used before, reducing weight by 20-25% each drop

5 (straight after last leg press set)
Constant tension partial leg extensions
1 rest-pause set of 50

6 (straight after the last one)
Slow tempo bodyweight squat
1 set of 50
quad stretch
more lower back stuff

A fun workout, definitely painful.

On quads you see leg extensions done for 3x3x10 followed by leg press, that means I did:

Leg extension (12RM load)
10 reps
5 breath rest
10 reps
5 breath rest
10 reps
move straight to leg press
30 reps
straight back to leg extensions and repeat, but add 100 pounds to leg press and do 5 less reps

It was pretty damn brutal.

Overall, a great workout, lower back didn’t hurt and I got to train like I did three years ago with all kinds of intensity techniques and low rests and such. This whole thing took around 35 minutes to complete.


Daily log:


1200 Calories
190g Protein
40g Carbs
30g Fat

Hanging upside down
Single arm hangs w/3 fingers

Lower back is practically pain-free now, I feel really good. Still not going to do stuff that would hurt without the meds.

Also, this was the last day of the diet pretty much, not counting the days I need to cut the bloat, which is like 2-3 days more.

In about three months I went from 92.5kgs/204lbs to 81kgs/178.5lbs, for a total loss of 11.5kgs/25.5lbs. Not bad, I’d say. Now I’m set to gain weight big time. Mission 120kgs is go.

I’m probably going to gain a tad faster right out of the gates than later on, but I’m still trying to keep the pace pretty slow. (Slow enough to not get fat that is) goal is to be around 120kgs/264lbs at the end of this mass season.



sounds awesome


Daily log:


About 5000 Calories

Yeah, my estimation of “I’ll eat maybe 3K” was a bit off. Oh well.

Upper body

1a Bench
1b Weighted pull ups w/fat grips
decrease weight
2a Incline dumbbell press
2b Dead-stop chest-supported row machine
3a Incline dumbbell curl
3b Standing cable skullcrusher
4a Side laterals w/back support
4b Front laterals w/back support
4c Cable upright row

I ate a bit differently compared to usual before the session and I also was pretty tired going in. The weird thing is that only thing affected seemed to be my presses, pulls actually felt easier than usually.

On pull ups with fat grips I kind of achieved a milestone today doing my sets with 25 added kilos. So as you see, it’s not crazy weight I’m using here but it’s not really all that challenging either (I feel that I could do maybe eight to ten or so reps with this weight) That’s what you get when you keep patient with the progression and don’t rush it. The fat grips definitely do make the exercise a lot harder though.

The machine rows felt surprisingly good, given that the machine I was using was a home-made thing our gym has that seems to be pretty unusable. Took a while to figure out good settings for the thing but in the end it turned out really good. Doing the reps with a dead stop made it a fantastic upper trap/rear delt movement. Wouldn’t necessarily do it for back development though.

The reason for using that machine is that I don’t want to strain my back again picking up heavier dumbbells from the rack, my friend helped me move the DBs for inclines but I didn’t want to bother him too much either.

Apart from that, nothing really noteworthy happened in today’s session.

Now it’s time to enjoy life for a bit in the form of food. After tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’ll be more than happy to go back to following a stricter diet.


Daily log:

No weight-in

I don’t see the point of stepping on a scale when I know my weight is already up from eating a lot yesterday and I’m going to eat more today

~7K Calories

Lower body:

1a Seated calf raise
1b An ab movement

2a Leg press w/heavy bands
increase weight by 15kgs every set, starting at 60kgs+~80-90kgs of band tension
2b Alternate between leg curl and leg extensions
6 rest pause sets of leg curl (3 breath rest)
5 rest pause sets of leg extension (3 breath rest)

3 Leg press strip set (30kg drops)
1st set: 6 reps w/210kg+bands
constant tension, no breaks, add 2 reps with every drop.
(So it was 6x210,8x180,10x150… Finishing with 20xonly bands)

4 Walking lunges
1 mechanical drop set to failure, totaling about 100 reps per leg

quad stretch


Another “fun” intensity technique bodybuilding session, hell yeah.

Started off with calves and abs, just did three sets there alternating the ab movement with every set

I did leg presses zigzagging with leg curls and extensions which was great. Essentially it was like this:

Leg press set
Leg curl rest-pause set
Leg press set
Leg extension rest-pause set

For a total of 11 sets of leg press, no rest between sets

Then I did a strip set of leg press, which was 104 reps of constant tension. I tried to keep it moving at all times and if I had to rest I didn’t rack it or lock my knees. Horrible pump followed. (Even though our leg press is pretty bad, it’s very heavy to use and it gives little to no contraction usually. That’s because the angle is far too high, the machine is pretty old)

Followed that with lunges to failure, begun with short strides while not extending the knee completely and as I approached failure I switched to longer strides and more complete extension.

I like these kinds of sessions, but I wouldn’t base my training around it


Not quite sure how you can do that after a long strict cut but anyway! Haha

You are nuts man. If I did half that I wouldn’t be able to move for 3 days!


I’ve definitely lost some of my ability to eat large, thus far this has been about as hard as the 14K Calorie day was two weeks into diet. (So no forcing food down but no limiting either)

Also I want to tell ya that it’s about 3PM now and I’ve downed about 5K thus far so 7K is really just an estimate, I’ll land anywhere between 6.5-8.5K in the end of the day

I had to spend as couple of minutes on the gym floor after the strip set and lunges, but now (two hours later) I feel like I could train again. I’ll report on the soreness tomorrow


Daily log: (+My mother’s testing day results)


Certainly got some bloat going on.

Around 4000 Calories

Yeah, I failed today. The day started off well, got my meals in as planned but I could not contain myself in the evening. I’ve noted it before - if I have junk food lying around it’s really hard for me to not eat it, thus I usually don’t have it anywhere near me. Today I had the leftovers from yesterday and well, now I don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Some stretching and lower back stuff at home and a walk. My back is feeling really good now.

Today my mother and I did the monthly tests to see where we are at, here are the results:

Her weight has stayed I’m the 85-86kg range, I don’t have the precise number here so I’m not claiming anything.

When reading the results read as:

Last month > today

Dumbbell overhead press:
7x10kgs/hand > 11x10kgs/hand

Close grip bench
8x32.5kgs > 8x35kgs

6x70kgs > 6x75kgs

Barbell box squat
20x40kgs > 21x50kgs

Kettlebell swing with 20kgs
2:36 > 1:44


Another month of travelling for my mother, oh well.

On presses the progress was decent, we’ll change to barbell overhead press for next time I think. (We probably were supposed to make the switch already but I forgot) The next DBs would be 12.5kgs so the jump is rather large.

On deads we added five kilos which was nice. During the whole month we have not gone over 65 kilos (or pulled from the floor) except for one time. Carryover is real.

Squats improved the most, but I’m pretty sure it’ll start to slow down dramatically from here. Still, 21 reps with 50 kilos us no joke when we think of the fact that two months ago she couldn’t hold a barbell on her back.

On KB swings she had to stop short as she was about to throw up, but I’ll have you know she has done over three minutes in training.

Overall, pretty good progress once again when all things are considered.


Good to see you are indeed, human!

That’s exceptional! Kudos to both you and your mother, really good effort.


I haven’t left humanity behind just yet

Thanks man! Now the only thing we need to do is to get her to lose some weight, last month was good in that sense but I don’t know what happened this time around


Daily log


The same as yesterday, now I’m going to take it down to around 82kgs/191lbs. I’m not trying to hut a new low but I want to be rather low when I start my mass season.


1600 Calories
210g Protein
80g Carbs
50g Fat

Switched my chicken to ground beef and my tuna to chicken, apart from that it’s the same as before. (So now it’s ground beef x2, chicken and brown pasta and my peri-workout stuff)

When I get to ~82kgs I’ll up the calories by adding another meal and making the carb portions bigger.

Intro/deload; chest, back, shoulders, small muscles

Everything was done for 2x10-12 with around 60% of my 10RMs

1a DB Bench
1b Bent over row
2a Smith machine incline bench
2b Behind the neck pulldown
3a Face pull
3b Side laterals
4a Seated calf raise
4b Wrist curl behind back
5a Neck curl and extension
5b External rotation w/DB

Not what I wanted to do, but I was in a rush and the equipment I needed was in use. What I wanted to do was to do the exact session I would do on the new program but instead of going all out drop the volume to 50-60% and drop the weights by 10-15%. (So instead of, say, 5x8x100kgs I would’ve done 3x6-8x85-90kgs).

I haven’t had a deload in over a year if we don’t count the weeks I couldn’t train in the military due to camps, but in reality those weeks offer you no rest.

I’ll do two cycles of this deload/intro (so eight days). After that I should be rested enough to get back into it.

I’m excited to see what will happen now that I’m going to do consistent work for stuff like external rotators and the neck, as I haven’t really done that before. Also focusing on arms and shoulders for a while will probably be fun. You’ll see how it will be once I lay it out. (Gotta test it before I make a full-length post about it)

But yeah, taking it easy now for a while and then I’ll get back into it.

Oh and yeah, my legs feel just a bit stiff today. Wouldn’t say they are sore at all really. One could’ve thought that 20+ sets of legs with no rest would cause some soreness in the area.


Daily log



1600 Calories
210g Protein
80g Carbs
50g Fat

Lower body:

1a Paused front squat
1b Band-assisted GHR
2 Good morning
3 Single leg leg press
4 Leg extension
5a Decline sit up
5b Reverse hyper

This is what I want my deload sessions to be like, pretty much. Volume is decreased by 40-50% and the loads are somewhat reduced. (In this session I did, however, reduce them a whole lot)

I was doing the squats and good mornings with just one plate per side, and it didn’t feel bad at all in my back. My knees, however, did feel quite stiff on the first few squat sets. After I got throughoutly warmed it passed.

Overall the session felt pretty good, now I don’t know how good it’ll feel once I pick up the pace and do this with full volume and load. We’ll see.


How I train abs

After today’s session I got this though of how I haven’t written anything informative for a while, so here you go;

Ab training is something I haven’t focused on awfully much, but I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what feels like it works for me.

Now, abs are like any other muscle in your body - they contract and with that something happens; spinal flexion. However, I feel that they are best trained with anti-extension movements. (I do believe that is the general consensus at the moment) Now when I say anti-extension, you may think planks, that’s a good start. Ab wheel rollouts is even better. But what I like to do is to take sit up/crunch variations that offer a possibility for large amounts of loading (think decline situp or standing cable crunch) and make them anti-extension movements rather than spinal flexion exercises.

So just how do we do that? It’s simple - just stay in spinal flexion throughout the whole movement. You want to be consciously flexing your abdominals at all times to avoid shifting the tension to your hip flexors. Now being in spinal flexion doesn’t mean you should curl up into a ball, no. Just get a tad of flexion going on. These are movements that you want to do in a less than best possible position, if you get my meaning. Just think of the finished position of a regular crunch - that’s about where you want to be.

I feel that I need to clarify - I’m still using a rather large range of movement with my crunches and situps, (I stop the eccentric when I feel that if I go lower I’ll have to straighten my spine considerably) it’s just that my spine doesn’t move a whole lot. Now, I like to give into the movement just a little bit as I am in the end of the negative rep. So what I do is I get out of flexion for just a bit. It’s a really subtle thing and if you were watching me perform it you probably wouldn’t even notice it before it’s pointed out. (It pretty much looks like I paused the rep at the bottom and not much else) By doing that I’m turning the exercise from being solely a static hold to being an exercise where the abs go through a certain range of motion. Doing that helps me keep the tension on my abs rather than my hip flexors.

So, that’s what I do for my “big” movements with abs. On stuff that doesn’t allow for much loading or has too short rom to do this with (leg raises, regular crunches) I do stuff in a more conventional manner - I go through the whole range of motion or I use the range I feel is useful for an development. Same goes for things that involve rotation (which I don’t really do a while lot of). Part of the reason for why I do these “smaller” movements is that I still want to get the abs to go through their whole range of motion. You wouldn’t train your biceps with only static holds and very limited partials, and in my opinion abs are no different in that regard.

I first discovered this spinal flexion thing over two years ago. I had been doing decline sit ups in the traditional manner for a while and only thing sore was my hip flexors. So one day I went in and tried to flex my abs the whole time I was doing the movement - what ended up happening is that I stayed in spinal flexion at all times and I couldn’t do the whole rom as I couldn’t flex my abs in the bottom position. I did two sets like this and my abs were sore for a week afterwards. Did them for a while back then and pretty much ditched all ab work at some point. Now that I’ve been doing standing cable crunches in the same manner I rediscovered the technique.

I know I’m a horrible with explaining exercises, so feel free to ask what I meant with the stuff I said. And if you decide to try it out please do tell me how it felt like.


So just actively flexing your abs and you have to stick with the rom and not go out of flexion?


In a situp/weighted crunch, pretty much yeah. A decline sit up or standing crunch would be best imo.

With rom go as far as you can before you need to straighten your back, we don’t want to do that.


Daily log:


My weight went up a pound from yesterday, which was definitely not expected. I do notice some bloating and lack of detail, so I’m going with this being just some water retention. Also as it is a deload week I’m naturally flatter than usual and thus the level of detail suffers. The fact that I’m deloading most likely contributes to the lack of weight loss as well, as the need for energy is far smaller.

I’ll have to tell you, the deload is working wonders. Last night I slept for 11 hours straight and now I feel like I could take a two hour nap on top of that. I haven’t had this much sleep in like a year I think.

Still got 5 days left before turning it up again.

1600 Calories
210g Protein
80g Carbs
50g Fat

Edit: One thing I want to tell you is that for a week now I’ve been thinking of how weird my coffee tastes. (It’s supposedly a bit finer stuff, I did not buy it, I got it.) So today I drink my coffee and straight afterwards I notice my saliva production skyrocketing. Yeah. I’m going to throw up. I threw up twice after drinking that stuff and let me tell you, ground beef and coffee puke does not smell nice at all. It was pretty horrifying and I’m not going to drink that coffee again for a while.

Deload; Arms, Shoulders, Calves, small muscles

1a Floor press
1b Zottmann curl
2a Standing cable skullcrusher
2b Cable Scott curl
3a Smith machine BTN Press
3b Bent over rear laterals
4a Seated calf raise
4b Seated cable wrist curl
5a Neck sides
5b Cable external rotation

A good deload session. Took about 25 minutes to do after warming up, stretched for about 20 minutes afterwards.

I tried floor pressing without fat grips and it didn’t feel nearly as good, so I’ll make sure to use them once I get back to regular training.

Apart from that, there’s nothing really noteworthy here.


Hi Danteism!

Just want to say you inspired me to make an account here and start my own DC log! Hoping I’ve got it all correct before I start - seems to be a fair amount of conflicting information about the system!

Keep up the good work!