Natty on Pennies

Physical therapy - so university of applied sciences/college, whatever you want to call it.

I may apply for university too if I find something interesting to study there

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Getting married is the fun part too.

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It’ll be a while before I go through that experience, but I’d expect it to be fun


Oh yea def. take your time. Most folks think me and my husband rushed to get married since we are so young, but we’ve always kind of been around eachother in school. After a while of being together we just came to realize some things about ourselves, and we decided to get married. Life still operates same as it did before we got married. If anything it allows us to sort the kinks out at a young age until we get it down fairly well. Although I will say I still put my maiden last name on things. Lol


The thing is that I want my girlfriend to have the exact wedding she wants - price doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that I want to be able to afford it without taking loans and knowing that afterwards I still have enough money left to maintain financial safety.

So it’ll be a while, but it’ll be worth it.


Good luck. We’re getting married in under three months, and my fiancee is really quite reasonable. We’re still coming on about 60% over budget and we shopped around a ton. I’m just saying, a dream wedding can be as expensive as you are prepared to spend - but by no means needs to be.


Congratulations, man!

That’s true.

Luckily my girlfriend knows the value of money, so I most likely won’t be paying six figures for the wedding when the time comes.

But still, every girl deserves their special day, and if it is expensive, so be it.

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Oh, absolutely. It’s just worth looking for least money to spend for the best possible option. We ended up going for a venue around two hours drive away that is stunning but because it’s not a specialist wedding one came in veru affordable for what it offers.

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That’s solid advice for anything, really

That sounds really nice, hopefully all goes well

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Thanks. It should, we got pretty much everything sorted very quickly so it’s just been a matter of paying for it all bar a couple of things we only got done more recently.

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I can understand that. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for her at all. I congratulate you for being such a caring person for her.

So long as you guys are happy.

Our wedding cost us, I kid you not approx. ~500$. Lol. And took us a year to get everything together.
Rings, marriage liscense, food, decor, cake, dresses, etc.
A crap ton of our highschool friends came, and helped us decorate a giant field that’s usually meant to be a golfing range, but we asked beforehand to rent it out until around 1 am. It looked amazing all the effort my friends put in and I appreciate all the time they took to help us. We didn’t have a dress code for the wedding. Just come as you are and be yourself. We had friends with huge trucks come and set up a DJ table on the back, and we were pet friendly as well. I know we sound like straight up hippies but we just wanted everyone to have a wonderful time.

But being as young as we are we had a crap ton of resources at our disposal from my side of the family. My grandmother used to sew and made full on apparel of whatever choice you asked. So tuxes and braidmades dresses were taken care of. My mom had a lovely wedding dress, that I just so happened to fit at the time. She’s also a hairdresser on the side so everybody had bomb hairstyles (men included) A bunch of our friends chipped in for lights, tables, subwhoofers for loud party music afterwards, food, liquor, etc. My stepdad is a certified minister at his Church so he married us, my husband and I broke down one check and mainly bought the rings, liscense, and I paid for a makeup artist.

My entire side of the family came, except my dad and only Hubby’s little brother and mother were the only two who showed. My mom constructed the pamphlets and how everything was going to go ( i,e walking the aisle, the vows, rings, kissing part, speeches,etc). I was sad that neither of our fathers wanted to come, but our mothers banded together something fierce and made one of the most heart felt speeches.

But it’s all about preferences. I know some people probably don’t like the way we did it, but for us we value just being together and making the most out whatever it is. And I’m glad I surrounded myself with people like that throughout highschool because I was surprised they brought themselves, friends of friends, families of friends, etc. And my husband was extremely awe struck over the fact that I had an entire army of my family here to witness him say “I do” to me, in front of them with smiling faces. He legit thought my family was gonna rip him a new one for marrying me (for a few obvious reasons), but afterwards everyone just loved on him and hugged him, and everything. I don’t talk to the majority of my highschool friends anymore because I realize everyone grows up and has lives, but from time to time I get a “hello” or a how’s it going from them.

After that I switched into some party clothes, and we completely WRECKED that field (in the party sense). Most of the adults left, some were cool and stayed. We made sure no ones little brother or sister stayed either lol.

I know my wedding was supposed to be all about me, but that day all I cared about was my husband, and a shit ton of unity. And I got what I wanted. All of us dancing, everyone hugging, having fun, congratulating us, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I had a diverse group of friends and so did my husband, and one of them got up to do a speech and talked about how love knows no color, and I just about cried myself out of my hairdo and makeup. Lol. In total out of friends, friends of friends, and family there was creeping up on 200 of us, and the after party had about 70-100 of us jamming out.

So whatever your lady wants, you got online support from me lol.


Winner :smile:


That sounds amazing @planetcybertron


I bet you’d do the same for your loved ones

Just wow

Of course we could look at it as a challenge - have a dream wedding with as little money spent as possible

Everybody should remember that family and friends can provide a LOT of support in time of need (and even when you don’t really need it it helps)

You can’t please everybody

And if someone tries to complain about your wedding or your things in general, just ask them what the hell do they have to do with it?

It’s your wedding, not theirs, it’s your husband, not your neighbor’s, so why should they complain about it?

That’s the most important thing here, and I’m glad to hear it.

Thanks again!


I would second this, but as long as your lover is in with it too. Only reason I was cool with spending as little as possible was because I’ve kind of always been money savvy like that.

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Of course

So have I, that’s why my log is called Natty on Pennies

I should probably write down some stories of the times I’ve done something ridiculous just to save a couple of euros.

(Sorry for the long response time, I was not able to go online during the week because we were on the field again)


Ever since you’ve been on here I have legit wondered the meaning of your username lol.

I will be honest and say during highschool my main source of having pocket money was being dealer. Never delved into anything other than simple pot. But I’d always just end up giving it out for free and never making any real revenue.

I figured you had some important things to attend to.

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It’s a twist to Dante’s “Cycles on Pennies” that gave birth to DC, but as I am a natural lifter I switched out cycles and there you have it: a title that combines my love for DC and my skimpy nature. (I’m quite proud of that)

Jesus you’ve had a wild ride

You definitely have a lot of interesting stories to tell

Got to say, there are better marketing strategies than that

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That’s a good name if you ask me.

Ehh they’re not so much interesting as they are just weird/different. I went to an extremely high end highschool and I just saw an opportunity to make some quick cash. I hung out with a bunch of different people in highschool, some that were a not so good influence on me. But every Friday I’d find the kids with the rich parents, upcharge them secretly, and have a bit of change for spending money. I had a lot of good aquaintences in highschool and soon became pretty good friends with them so I’d offer to match whatever they had, and I’d end up being a crappy “salesperson” lol. Just highschool fuckery honestly.

I was never a rude or stretchy dealer. I was super bubbly, always waking around in super dolled up clothes, hair always done, nails done, and polite. Really dainty and weird. I just was one of the few folks to go to for “supplies”. Lol

As far as my personal life, I’m rather boring most days lol.


Well, at least you got something to tell your grandchildren about.

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