Natty on Pennies

Got it, thanks. I had kinda thought it’d work like that.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. So since I’ll only be training for three weeks at a time, I guess the only way to get to the third week and be run down is by working very, very hard the weeks before. I used to suspect that I wasn’t training hard enough up until some months ago.

Now it’s been a while and I see that I’m pushing my workouts as hard as I can. In fact, I end up taking many of my sets to failure and for the last weeks I realized that I have been chasing the weight more than anything. I think that for the next training cycle I’ll focus on bringing up the quality of my reps and on improving my mind muscle connection. It’s not that I’ve been using sloppy form, I just got a bit too much caught up in the number on the dbs or machines.

I’m thinking of using a bodybuilding body part split to accomplish this, namely this one:


That’s what I want to try and achieve.

I like your proposal of implementing one metabolic work and one hiit/carry session!

What could they consist of? Of course I’m not expecting you to write me a program, just a couple of tips.

For metabolic work, things like complexes? Maybe a treadmill walk paired with ab work or even just very high rep work for the muscles worked the day before?

As far as hiit, I train in a small gym and doing sprints could be an issue. I don’t really fancy going outside to train either. But I’d love to work on loaded carries, as I’ve only done them a few times.

Reading the G Flux article about athletes training hours every day had me fantasize about doing that too and eating a ton of food, but I realize that’s probably something only elite athletes with incredible genetics and professional tools and means for recovery can sustain… that’s also their job and they don’t have anything else stressful going on in their life either.

As always thank you for the insights! It’s always a pleasure to read a writeup of yours.

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