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Natty Looking at Roids

hello guys,iam training for nearly 2 years and i want to take steroid for first time.what is the most relevant test for a newbie?im looking for quality gains along with fatburn.
im 170 pounds 180cm tall bodyfat 22%
i know about pct and will buy the meds.but hows the dosage for nolvadex and hcg?
thanks in advance

At 170 lbs it sounds like you haven’t reached a point where you need to be considering gear. How old are you, what’s your diet and training look like?

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2 years training and those are your stats? Keep training.

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I don’t think you can be 170 lbs 180 cm and 22% bf meanwhile you have 2 years training

You are really skinny eat more and you will build muscle

Your not only skinny but your fat. I’m not sure where you started 2 years ago but you need to take a serious look at your diet and training before ever considering using steroids.


OP, if you are correct about your bf%, then you have around 132.6 lbs of lean mass.

I would say that despite 2 years of training you are a beginner. No need to feel too upset about this. Most people are beginners even with more training time. You need to find something that works better than what you are currently doing.

How often are you increasing your weights? I see so many people BBing, doing 40 lb dumbbell presses, and at best they are small and lean if natural.

Focus on getting stronger and size follows.

yes i know im a beginner…only before a couple of months i really began training good,more proper form,started to increase weights and doing more compound exercises which i should have done before.if my maintanence calorie is around 2200-2400 i should start eating around 3000cal?or more?pls let me know…and i was asking about roids to increase strength, like test e or sustanon 250…in average or mild doses…with proper pct,do you guys recommend it?or is it too early?im 26 yrs old by the way


And too early. Potentially wait a bit longer if possible

Yes definitely eat more and have at least 1 year hard progressive workout

Keep track of your sets reps weights in Google sheets

Also keep track of your weight fat ratio and size

Whenever weight becomes easier increase it

Honestly, no. I know it can seem like you are not going to make progress, but you will. It takes a lot of time.

I would maybe spend your money on coaching for the time being.

So it sounds like you are starting to get on the right path of compound exercises. Get on a program like 5/3/1 big but boring (BBB) and stick to it and push yourself. If you are fairly new to the movements I’d do a lot of YouTube tutorials on the movements and even get a well knowledgeable trainer to assist you with form for a session or two. Look up some good bulking diets too. I managed to go from 165 lbs (coming of a year of no gym due to an Injury) to 200 lbs in a couple of months by putting Equal emphasis on diet and training. The only thing you could consider to add at this age btw would potentially be testosterone replacement, but that would depend on your current levels which a place that does that could check for you

Not trying to be a dick, but op is 26, hasn’t mentioned any low t symptoms, and you recommend trt?

Don’t get me wrong trt is amazing for those who need it, myself included. Maybe you are right, but I just don’t see any evidence to suggest that.

I’m just a firm believer that one should be at least close to their potential before using AAS. It’s a different level for everyone, but I think op is not there just yet.