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Natty in the Natural State

Ok so weekly log

Ssb fronts 275 3x6

RDLs 255 3x10

Ham curls nothing special here

Bench 270 3x6

Db front raises 60lbs, lateral raises, rear delt flies 3x10

Tricep pushdowns 3xfailure

Block pulls from below knee

Started the day with 3x failure super wide grip chins.

365 2x6 1x10

Last set was a “failure set” but I had more in the tank. My left thumb started hurting from MVA and I started letting grip slip and I ended up partially ripping a Callus . It bled a little but not the worst it’s ever been.

Cable rows 1 armed 75 lbs 2x10 1x15

Shrugs bb 225 1x30

Curls 3xfailure concentration

So this week my ADD was kicking in. I wanted to change things. I find myself wanting to push my lifts harder because I’ve gotten significantly stronger on them all.

Leg day wasn’t anything special it was challenging but really was a good solid day of work. One issue I had was some pretty rough nerve pain from the stiff legged deads. I had sciatica nerve pain since the next day I sat in a car and at the dr office all day for my son. It Flared up pretty hard. It went away about 5 days later . I think the higher reps and volume of this lift is kinda been the issue. My last set is supposed to be to failure so I’m thinking if this next week doesn’t feel better I’m going to lower the reps. Honestly I’m thinking keeping reps around 6rm and work up to a top set of 6 and it close to failure. Opposed to 3-4 hard sets of 12-8 reps depending on the week. It’s not a huge difference but I do love the lift and feel it has best carryover for muscle and strength gains in lower body for me and this is a way I can still get benefit without hurting for 5 days after.

Also I forgot to add that I’m making a couple small tweaks to program. Lifts staying the same. They’re mostly to keep health good. I’ve made good gains thus far and after 8 more weeks of training I plan on setting some pretty good prs.