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Natty in the Natural State

So seems like this is what all the cool kids are doing so gonna give it a shot. I am not currently training for a meet next one that I will be able to compete in is in April 2019 so I have several months to work on getting my weight under control and building some decent strength base. I’m currently dropping some weight however thanks to some tips from ppl on this forum my strength is pretty decent to be dropping weight. I am also recovered from a shoulder injury that I was suffering from about 5 weeks ago. In any case I’m feeling healthy. For the most part I’ll be running self regulated training based off of M2 method which is a version of the conjugate system specialized for raw lifters.

5’9” 215 34 yo male

So getting into it for Monday,

Parallel box squat with reverse light band

405, 425, 445x3

Paused squats, 3 seconds at bottom 275 5x3

RDL 3x10 275

Reverse hypers 3x15 bodyweight

Terminal knee extensions 2x30 reps with light band bilaterally

Today was back biceps. Honestly felt like crap from yesterday and partially from having head cold over the weekend and partially from squat workout yesterday. Hamstrings, quads glutes and low back all sore.


Bent over row

225,245,265 x8 last 2 reps on 265 were hard and I rocked a little bit

Hammer grip pull-ups 3x10

B.B. shrugs 315 x12 felt heavy and was tough so dropped to 275 2x 15 with pause at top

Db Hammer curls 50 lbs x10 60 lbs 2x8

That was it for today got through in roughly 35 minutes. No conditioning today because of time but will try to hit this pm.

Today was heavy bench/ ME day

Felt like crap still and feel worse after but still worked hard.

Shoulder prehab internals ,externals, lateral raises

2 board press paused
Warm ups then 315,335x3 performed paused third rep on 335 was touch and go but I didn’t think I could pause on it.

Full range bench 265x8 275x7

Close grip bench 2 board 225x12 275 2x5

Db Tate’s 2x15

Reverse flies 3x15

Face pulls 3x15

Went ok considering how I feel today. Shoulder were a little achy directly afterwards but feeling better now. Tomorrow rest day and some light cardio

Strong!! in for your log.

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DE lower body.

So today’s workout was funny. I did DE for the first time in my hole gym and securing band resistance was challenging. I got it down but took more time than I wanted. Won’t be issue in the future but it did eat up a lot of my available time. So my accessories are a little funny looking today but was because time restraints so had to do quick movements to hit each muscle group.

Squats with light band 8x3 with 185 (40%) squat max 1 minute rest. Band resist is roughly 100lbs at top ROM

Deadlifts with light band 8x3 250 (40%) dead max 1 minute rest

Bar moved fast on every rep except one set ehre I got distracted.


Hip thrusts 3x10 250

Reverse hypers with mini band 3x12

Single leg body weight squat (not a true pistol squat) 3x10 superset with standing heavy band ab crunch 3x15

Accessories lasted seriously 15 minutes total if that and most time was wasted figuring out band set up but we’re all good for next time.

Tomorrow DE upper body

DE upper body

Competition bench 175(40%) with 70lb band resistance 8x3 1 minute rest

Strict overhead press with bass 100 lbs with 50 lbs band resistance 8x3 1 minute rest

Weak point of my bench Wednesday was lockout so targeted it today.

Superset 115 lb db rows 3x12 and jm press 185 3x10

Body weight dips 3x15 with full lockout

Tricep pushdowns with 90 degrees elbow flexion to full lockout 3x20 with medium band.

Numbers aren’t spectacular on DE days but the weights are in waves and increase week to week but everything is moved maximum bar speed. Honestly you get a nice pump on these days and recover well since low cns strain. Tomorrow rest day and Monday ME lower deadlift focus planing on 4” block pulls.

Monday ME deadlift focus

Primary lift 4 inch block pulls in triples. Warmed up and hit 405,455,500 x3 last set felt heavy but moved fast and fluid. It was touch and go today next deadlift focus will be dead stop variation.

Dropped to 80% of top set for 3x5 at 405 on 4 inch blocks.

Accessories 275 RDL paused 1 inch above floor for 10,8,7 I won’t lie I was toast after block pulls so these were hard today. I should have dropped the weight to get 10’s but didn’t.

Bent knee good mornings super set with reverse hypers 3x12 on both with only 135 on the bar. Got a good glute contraction and Hammies are feeling it.

Standing oblique crunches with medium band 3x20

I didn’t do any rows today I’ll hit them Wednesday with bench. I don’t think I could handle heavy barbell rows today.

Wednesday max effort upper body

Main lift close grip bench single board paused

Worked up to 300 x3 last one was grinder and no bounce or leg drive used so I was happy with this considering.

80% (240) 3x5 same lift

Standing military press 135,145,155 x8 neutral grip

Db tricep extension 3x12 with 50 lbs

Bent over rows 3x8 at 225,245, 260

Face pulls light band 3x30 reps super set with tricep pushdowns 3x20

Friday DE lower body

Squats 205 with light band resistance 8x3

Deads 250 with light band 8x3 I messed up calculation last week and had weight to high I changed how I adjusted bands from last week and they’re a little tighter so stayed with same weight it was harder than last week.

So accessories today were all super setter with box jumps x3 reps on 24 inch box

Db RDL with mini band with 80 lbs db x12,10,8

Single leg step ups 20 inch box 3x12

Hanging leg raises 3x12

Ultimately I did 10x3 box jumps I’m trying to increase work capacity to do giant sets but my conditioning isn’t there right now.

Was a good workout over all bar moved fast, box jumps were fast everything went well

DE upper body

Bench 185 with mini bands 8x3

Standing push press with mini bands 110 with mini bands 8x3

Behind neck press 95 lbs 3x10

Plyo push-ups 5x3

Close grip weighted decline push-up 25 lb plate 3x12

Wide grip chins 3x10
Db rows 3x12 90 lbs

Super set tricep push downs and face pulls with medium band 3x20

100 db carries 8 carries at 20 yards with 60 second rest

Monday ME lower

Parallel box squats 410x3

3x5 at 325 box squats

Wide step good mornings 3x10 225 with hard glute squeeze

Zervher squat 3x10 155

Standing hip extensions with mini band 3x10 super set with standing ab crunch with medium band 3x20

My squat is crap right now honestly box squats today were paused on box I stayed tight but didn’t bounce up. Based on how it felt today all my squat accessory work is going to be to strengthen bottom strength. So lots of pauses reps coming in the future.

Wednesday ME upper

Flat bench 1 board-300,320x3

Volume 3x5 255

Today went very well felt stronger in my pressing and felt my technique and paused benching has paid off as well as dynamic effort work. 300 and 320 both moved very fast and honestly I left a little on the table. No grinders today just explosive fast reps all paused. however, I used leg drive.


Close grip bench 4,3,2,1 board medley done with 10 second rest between sets starting at 4 and dropping to 1 board at 5 reps each position with 225.

Tricep pushdowns with medium plus mini band 3x15 reps

Bent over rows 225 3x10

Hammer grip pull ups 3x10

That’s it not a ton of work but I covered all the bases and felt strong however didn’t tax cns to bad and walked away feeling strong and confident in my bench.

How do you set these up?

Actually I did those same way Paul Carter recommends. Basically I stole them from him. Dumbbells with a band around neck. Place it low on neck obviously as low as you can get it and stand on other end with both LE. Not hard to do you could probably place around db as well and stand on them if you didn’t want to put around nexk

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Friday DE lower

Squats 230 with light band 8x3 super setter with standing ab crunch’s 4x20 and side raises 4x10

Deads 280 with light bands 8x3

All following ex supwrsetted with with box jumps for 3 reps.

Reverse hypers with extra light band 3x10

Walking lunges 3x15

DE upper

Bench with mini band 195 8x3

Ohp 115 8x3 woth mini band

Running short on time today so between all sets I super setter a pull up variation for 5x3 and then changed hand position. I did 3 reps cause it wasn’t over fatiguing cause I felt like crap today and I still got some volume in.

Afternoon I did upright rows, bicep curls for a 3x12 each

ME lower day

Deadlift from floor reverse light band

475,495,515x3 went well. 515 wasn’t top set I had but after doing that I wasn’t getting another triple with a bump in weight

410 3x5 reverse band

Didn’t have time for several movements so I did a triset with paused RDL 3 second hold 1 inch from the floor with 225 6 sets for 12,12,10,8,6,3. Single leg step ups 6x10 body weight. Double light bands 6x10 standing crunch

That pretty much tanked me and got some good pauses reps off the floor to help strength from floor and plenty of volume in total

ME upper

Reverse band bench with mini band 3x195,325,340

3x5 at 275 super set with db rows 120 lb db 3x8

Jm press 3x15 slow eccentric with 135 hammer grip pull ups 3x10

Tricep pushdowns 3x15-20 SS with lat pulls with 2 light band set up with 2 second iso 3x15 (this one wasn’t very easy)

90 second rest on large movements 60 second on last 2 SS

DE lower body

Squats 250 with light band 8x3 1 minute rest

Didn’t do dynamic dead’s cause I’ll be doing them Monday starting darkhorse program that’s conjugate version. It promises to be brutal.

Front squats for volume 3x10 225

Triset Lunges, standing crunches box jumps 5 rounds. 15-20 crunches, 15 lunches and 5 box jumps.

Was tired today from being out late so didn’t really wanna do this much