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Natty Hall Of Shame?


I’ve known of this, and seen it myself a while back, but it was recently brought up in a group I’m in as the two latest failures, and subsequent lifetime bans by natural federations are being met with “it’s about time” type comments.

I recall when rich fitter was running the WNBF, he would be very careful about how he phrased drug failures at contests and the subsequent reordering of the final placings of athletes.




What was this guy doing? He had so many compounds in his blood it’s like he showed up to the natty competition during the middle of a cycle.

“19-norandrosterone,stanozol, stanozolol metabolites, epitrenbolone, methandienone long -term, epimetendiol, boldernone,metabolite,drostranolone,drostanolone metabolite, clenbuterol,canrenone,hydroxyclomiphene, chlorothiazide, and hydrochlorothiazide detected.”


Some of those guys should ask their suppliers for a refund.


From the looks of it, deltoids every day

@The_Mighty_Stu, is there a lot of money to be made for being a top natty? I don’t mean to disparage these guy and girls but why bother doing drugs and competing natty if no one has ever heard of you?

I guess you get the plausible deniability if you do make it big some how, to say “see I was the WNBF winner, I’m natty!”


Struggling to understand why you wouldn’t just shoot for the IFBB if you were juicing and had half decent genetics…some of those folks though, damn.


Winning is a very strong driver.


I had the exact same thought. I understand NFLers, MLBers, etc, cheating; there’s millions of dollars at stake. But natty BBing?


that dude has to be a troll. Seriously. He HAD to know he was gonna get popped for all that.

EDIT: I changed my mind. did a little googling on him. He doesn’t come across as a troll. My guess is, he had some way to get around drug tests, via bringing ‘clean’ urine, some device to use, etc. Whatever it was, he probably got put in a position where he couldn’t cheat, pissed in a cup and said ‘well, there goes my natural bodybuilding career, lolz.’


Why were some of those guys even competing, let alone using drugs in a natty federation?


There’s practically no money to be made. Winning a pro show, maybe like the WNBF worlds, might get you a grand or two, but that’s really nothing to anyone with a decent job. I remember Cordova telling me that he actually lost money competing because it infringed on his real work hours.

The crazy thing is that the online discussion I took this link from has several heads of different Feds talking, and one of the women listed has already failed and been banned from multiple Feds (notably she hasn’t competed in the WNBF for years.)

And yes, the fact that some of these folks needed to use PEDs and still looked laughable for even a middle of the road amateur contest shows you just how stupid some people are.



I quite like that from 2015 they have started saying what they got caught using. Makes for eye opening reading!


Yep , the only thing that bugs me regarding PEDs. Guys whom compete in marketed drug free Feds . The jackasses as if there was no other options for them.


I’ll answer that for you… Decent genetics is not enough . Regardless of the amount someone is using. Individuals have to have spot on genetics which includes body structure (general terms)along with being a good responder to training and anabolics.