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Natty By Nature (Dad Bod Remix)


Created another strength block for the next 4 weeks… alternate Workout A and Workout B on MWF. Hip Assistance movements included to deal with snapping hips (starting to clear up). All movements are performed cluster style (work up to a heavy non grinding single then do as many singles until the weight slows). For hip thrusts I’ll perform them at an intensity of 6-8 reps double rest pause. Deload week 4.

Workout A
Lowbar Wide Squat
Hip Thrust
Weighted Dips
Pendlay Rows (pronated)
Hip Assistance

Workout B
Hip Thrust
Shoulder Press
Weighted Chins
Hip Assistance


Ok… first real day back since tweaking my back. Slept like crap last night.

Hip Thrust: 315 for 4-6 then rest pause to failure
Lowbar Squat: 275 then singles
Weighted Dips: BW + 45 then singles
Pendlay Rows: 155 then singles
Hip Assistance/Rehab exercises


Workout went pretty well today

Hip Thrust: 315 for 4-6 then rest pause until failure
Calves: Stack until failure then 4 “redline” sets (rest 15 seconds then do as many reps as you can leaving 1 rep in the tank)
Deadlifts: 315 for singles (noticed that doing Hip Thrusts first made them really really easy)
Press: 115 singles until failure
Chins: BW + 25 singles until failure

Hip Assistance:
Hip Abduction: 4-6 then singles until failure
Hip Adduction: 4-6 then singles until failure
Hip Flexion: 4-6 then 4 redline sets