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NATO Blames Taliban for Dead Afgans


"On Friday, Gen. Dick Berlijn, commander of the Dutch military, painted the militants as murderous desperadoes.

Taliban fighters tried to force villagers to fight alongside them “and killed citizens who refused ? they were hauled out of their houses by the Taliban and executed,” Berlijn told reporters in The Hague, Netherlands.

“One police checkpoint commander saw two brothers murdered before his eyes by the Taliban,” Berlijn said. Another police report “said that eight women were murdered ? they had their throats slashed,” he added."

It looks like there is more to the story than US Airstrikes killing 25 innocent people in Afganistan. This is coming from the Dutch, if you can’t trust the dutch than who can you trust?

If the Americans weren’t there, none of this would happen. The Taleban would be ruling with their usual benevolence.

Damn Dutch, tattle-telling on the taliban! They make them look bad. Sheesh!

You know what I blame?

Dutch foreign policy. Oh, and the red light district. Those two “causes” force the Taliban to hide behind toddlers as shields when they would otherwise sit around braiding each other’s hair and thinking of new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.