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Nat'l Weight Lifting Percentage Chart

I need some help here.About 2 years ago i remeber weight lifting with some of my friends down in the high school weight lifting room. Well on a wall there would be a chart that would have the age,height,weight of a person

and it would show what their maxes were for lifting, benchpress,clean,dead,squat…

anyway there would be different levels like below average,average,normal, and national level.

i was wondering if anyone knows were i can find this chart online because i would really like to see how my lifts compare to the others, and what i should improve on.

Going straight from “normal” to national level is quite a leap.

Oh, and there is a chart on EliteFTS.com somewhere but that is only for Elite Totals.

He’s talking about BFS. Elite as in high school elite, not Ed Coan elite.

Check out BFS’s site, I think they have the chart there.

Il Cazzo is right

Go to the Bigger Faster Stronger website

You can print off a copy of the chart there

thanks i found it, man i gotta start squating more!!!