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Nationwide Peanut Butter Recall

I hadn’t seen it mentioned around here, so I’m just letting y’all know that there’s currently a huge recall on a ton of peanut butter products. It’s actually one of the largest food product recalls in U.S. history.


A main peanut-processing plant had a salmonella outbreak and hundreds of products were contaminated, including some kinds of ice cream (heads up, bulkers), pet foods, and certain foods from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

More relevant to the weightlifting crowd, some flavors of protein/energy bars are also being recalled including Atkins Advantage, Balance, Clif bar, Detour, Luna, Tri-o-plex, ZonePerfect, and others.

Finibars and Metabolic Drive bars are not on the list. They’re still fine.

It’s worth quickly reading through the list of recalled products, just to be sure you don’t have any contaminated foods on your shelves. It’s hard to build muscle with a case of food poisoning.

that’s a lot of fricken products