Nationals Were Great!

Yes they were. The USAPL national masters championships had some legends, like Mike Bridges and all great lifting. Word of warning though. This stuff is not for the meek, or suit problems. My new squat suit needs to be lengthened. We put the straps up, and I could not get down. So had to use the old reliable suit and I only got 1 squat passed, a 200kg one.
Then Bench time came and I hit all 3 starting with a 150kg and ending up with a remarkably easy 170 kg push. Then deadlifting was even better. I opened with 205kg, then went to 217.5 kg and made it, but feeling tired. Then tried 230 and could only get it up to the knees. Still got the gold, added 7.5kg to last years total, and felt like could have been more. results are posted at
and go to results.
So listen up you guys. These masters are all over 40, not 35 and some of the best quality lifting is done there. So age is not, I repeat NOT an excuse for failure. Hey, there were guys lifting pretty damn well and in their 70’s.
Another thing is the friendship and spirit there. It is unmatched and all have a good time.
So my fellow over 35 lifters, get in the gym and to quote Larry the Cable guy, “Git er done.”

Congrats on the PR’s!

Stay strong