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Nationally Recognized So Cal Gyms?


I was wondering if anyone knew of any nationally recognized gyms in Southern California like Westside Barbell Club (not nessecarily the same training methods, but the same type of prestige so to speak).

Thanks for any help.


Gold's ine Venice the Kolloseum in Fullerton...


I live in Fullerton, do you know what street the Kolosseum is on or if they have a website? I tried google but I got nothing.




Koloseum is also a Gold's Gym but it's runned by Milos Sarcev, so it's not your average Gold's...it's also where Flex magazine does their photo shoots so all the big names drop by...call (714)680-8881...they should be able to give you directions....


I'm so freaking jelous.


Thanks for the information.