National Treasure II

With the release of Cage’s latest film, now would be a good time to discuss the historical merits of the film.

“And, 20-odd years ago, a simple Midwestern farm boy, under professional hypnosis, claimed to have been John Wilkes Booth in a past life. What made this story of reincarnation unusual was that this young man recited obscure details of Booth’s life that he had no way of knowing anything about. He also said that, in fact, he had not died on the porch steps of the Garrett farmhouse!”

“One of Booth’s nieces once told a news service that there were stories in the family of her uncle’s survival after the assassination, one of which told of Booth meeting his mother in San Francisco in 1866 in which he told her how he escaped. His mother told several members of the family she had “visited” with her son.”

We also have the issue of the missing 18 pages from Booth’s diary.