National Teleprovider Recommendations?

My doctor won’t raise my dosage, my level is 475 total, and I’m 23 years old, which is too low for my age and I don’t have symptom relief. I’m going to try and find a telemedicine provider and do it that way, but all the places I’ve seen look a bit fishy. Dose anyone have any recommendations for a national telemed service that will discuss and treat hypogandism remotely?

Defy medical is legit. Several people on this forum use them, I’m in the process of transferring my treatment to them.
Tier1HW in Chattanooga,TN is also, you may have to make a 1 time visit to them depending on where you live and they’re a bit more pricy, but Dr. Nichols seems very good, Enackers on here is a patient of his.

I heard dr Nichols is no longer treating patients beyond 30, not sure why

I can recommend dr Rob:

But you need to visit him in person at least one time, otherwise he will not treat you. He wants to put you on dexa and other physical examinations first

How much does he charge?

All doctors of this caliber charge similar prices. He charges 500$ for consultation, but for becoming a patient he will have different prices, I guess something annually maybe and I assume it will be not so expensive per visit as a single consultation

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I just called defy today and got set up, they were very nice. It’s 279$ for a blood panel and then 250$ for the consultation, and between 150-300$ every 3 months for medication depending on if you nerd HCG and estrogen blockers. Thanks for the recommendations

Defy are also a good option, but I would advise you tell them you are not affraid to inject daily and ask them to judge based on your labs if it will be best for you. Hope you come up with dr Saya, he is really knowledgeable

Hum, I’d had a phone consult with Angie there and she didn’t mention anything like that, nor in any of my emails with the staff. I’d pretty much decided to go with them until some unexpected expenses came up and I couldn’t afford them this year.

Maybe wrong rummor

Did you mean he won’t treat people UNDER 30? Because that would make more sense. I’m sure he’s just trying to protect himself and “do no harm”. Can’t blame the guy there.

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You are correct