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National Pro Grid League


Has anyone heard of this? I just saw it today on T.V. it is looks like a team (coed) oriented crossfit conpetition.


What is no gains alex

but I have heard of it, what is even the difference between that and the games? Isn’t it pretty much just the fact that there is teams?


I 've seen it. Pretty cool.

Taylar Stallings is a beast.

Muscle-ups and handstand pushups are kind of a joke and awkward to watch except for the ones who are super awesome.

Chicks with traps are hot, so I’m in.


I think the Grid league is almost the exact opposite of CF to a degree. Its more about strategy and teamwork to win, rather than being an individual athlete against the clock. Also, CF seeks out the most well rounded athlete to win the Games, whereas Grid has many players that are “specialists” in something, which is where the strategy comes in.

I went to the semifinals in Charlotte and watched, actually pretty entertaining and some beastly men and women competing. Plenty of hot muscled up chicks to keep the attention too…