National Championship Video

Our routine from nationals is here is the link Scroll down untill you see Div II and Columbus State University. In the opening stunt, going from left to right, Im the second one from the left(standing directly behind a girl). Its hard to tell but there are two rows of guys. Just go from left to right like all the guys are in a straight line. when we do the one arm stunt im on the all the way on the right side of the mat. check it out!


That was an unbelievable routine. I didn’t watch the other ones, but I can’t believe you didn’t win for a Div II school. Your routine was better than many D1 schools I’ve seen. Better luck next year, and take satisfaction know that you are one bad man - especially for your first year. By the way, I think you were on the far right for your standing back tuck. If that WAS you, reach higher with straight arms before you tuck…you’ll get more height and make it all the way around with your feet together. =) For the record, you make me look like a newbie - congrats!!!

Aight then, i dont wanna see any more shit about cheerleading being for poons if you arent even going to check it out.

Finally someone can tell me how good i am. haha. Thanks. Man ive been trying to fix my tuck for a long time. I used to have a huge tuck. It was at least five feet high. then i started learning back hand springs and it messed me all up. Im going to fix it during the off season. I think my bad tuck is what has made my knees so bad. I whip it back so hard that when i land it its really hard on my knees. Its really hard for me to change, cause changing things gets scary when i get upside down. But thanks for the compliments and next year we are going to do something crazy with that fullup flat back.

Goldie, am I wrong or did I just hear Let the bodies hit the floor by Drowning pool? Do you know I did my PR in deadlift while listening to that song? :slight_smile:

You heard right. We had to change our flip over so to make it legal so it didnt look as cool. The way we did it before, it looked like the girl was about to fall on her head. Thats why we put it in there. It really got ya pysched up when it started playing.

I agree completely with Jeremy, you guys were robbed. You nailed an awsome routine, those full up flatbacks were all our team was talking about. Unfortunately I do not remember exactly who you are, were you the guy icing down his knees in the back right of the arena after the routine? Once again I am sorry about the rankings, but congrats on a great job. Also, bringing the mats to practice on in the parking lot was a fantastic idea (that was your team, right?)

ok…i’m not much of a cheerleading fan… but that was amazing. one of the girls went off the screen at the top about half way through. how high do you throw her???

michelle, I’ve seen girls go at least 15 feet in the air. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, that is another few feet over the backboard on a basketball rim. I’m sure 18 has been done before. =)

Goldberg, what’s the current philosophy on the liberty and awesome? Do you push THROUGH the shoulder(s) the entire time or do you let it “settle” into the joint? If that is not a good enough description, please say so and I’ll try again.

Dude thats so cool. Yeah i was the one icing my knees. Those things get to hurting when i sit down. Im glad you liked the routine. Yeah our squad was the one with the mats. Where are you from?

I really dont push through. My flyer is really good so i mainly concentrate on my grips. Thats where i have my biggest problem. I do try to “lick my armpits” on my one arm stunts. Im sure this is what you mean by pushing through. I really have to concentrate on it during one arm stunts. I dont know how high that basket went, but when we performed at Winder Barrow high school, we tossed her high enough to touch the ceiling. She popped one of the tiles out. Im guessing the ceiling was at least 20-25 ft because it was in a basketball gym. If we put our best people together, im sure we could go 30 because our flyer really rides the basket up. Again, thanks to everyone for all the kind words.

Sorry bud, but cheerleading is gayer than greek wrestling.

I am up in NY. Hey, I have a question that maybe you could help me with. For improving your toss do you think it is more productive to do hanging snatch-cleans or to do the snatch off of the ground.
You have more power coming right off of the ground, but I wonder how much of this is lost when you toss a stunt, as you never go that low when tossing a girl. However, I wonder if hanging snatch-cleans give an accurate simulation of a toss, as it does not take into account the momentum of the flyer’s jump.
Any input would be appreciated.

Obviously you didnt watch the video.i guarantee if you saw me stunt in person, you wouldnt say i was gay.

I believe that any of the Olympic movements would be beneficial. I would look at any of them as more important than the other. When I toss, ive pretty much already lost contact before my hands are extended. I would do a variety of movements and really concentrate on finishing your toss. Its more likely that you already have the strength to do it. I do get a way with a lot because of my strength though. I have to actually cut my toss of on many of my stunts. Especially my fullup cupie and one arm stunts. I dont do bump and go. I toss everything. I would start with basic strength exercises like squats and deads. Then say start with the hang type movements and progress to the full snatch and/or clean. Your right in your thinking that the snatch may have more carry over but i dont know if it would be that much more. Medicine ball throws may also be beneficial.

Goldberg, Thank You and Congratulations once again to you and your squad.

G-berg wrote:

Obviously you didnt watch the video.i >>guarantee if you saw me stunt in person, you >>wouldnt say i was gay.

Actually I hadn’t formed my opinion until seeing the video. And I didn’t say YOU were gay, only your chosen hobby. You can call it a “stunt” all you want but you ain’t Colt Seavers, you’re a cheerleader.
Sorry doood, nothing personal. I’m sure you love to make it with the ladies. But you need to get over yourself and gain some perspective on what exactly it is you do.

Gain a perspective on what exactly it is I do? Ok. I hold girl’s feet over my head with one arm. I do back flips. I throw a girl then feet in the air to another girl who catches her and holds her there. Oh yeah, she did a complete 360 on both things i just did. Me and another guy throw a girl up high enough for her to touch a ceiling in a high school basketball gym. Im constantly around the most beautiful girls at the school. Now i want you to tell me again which part of this is gay? Cause i would sure like to know. Come to Columbus, GA and Ill let you try it. I guarantee the next day youll be so sore youll think you were in a car wreck. Just try it.

Ok. I hold girl’s feet over my head with one >>arm. I do back flips. I throw a girl then >>feet in the air to another girl who catches >>her and holds her there.

Wow, that’s some accomplishment. After college, a great career in the circus awaits.
The bottom line is: what you do is frivolous (1. a : of little weight or importance; 2.marked by unbecoming levity) and I think it’s lame, but not half as lame as you for bragging about it.