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National Anthem Not Allowed


... at national parks/memorials

This is another one of those "students sent home for wearing the flag" type stories.


Sounds like they were being loud in a place with noise restrictions.

If they'd been singing a round of "Row, row, row your boat" it would have been the same.


Negative ghost rider. They were told to stop because the national anthem is not content nuetral. The loud singing was a response to the order to shut up.


I see.


I love the fact that rent a cop understands what Lincoln wants. Lincoln wants us to be content neutral. Is content neutral like giving a woman a set of nads, and castrating a man? That would make them gender neutral.


You might want to read the next sentence:

They were told to shut up because they were making a noise.


"U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain "completely content neutral.""

The rule they broke is remaining "content neutral".


Thinking about the Lincoln thing, I think Lincoln would have been Pro-national pride/demonstrations at the memorial.

Lincoln did fight against people in America who didn't want to be Americans after all. He struggled against the idea people had a right to be anti-America.


Try again, now being Fox it is badly written I'll give you that however :


So, The content of the activity has nothing to do with violating content neutrality?

So, you going with the quote of a guy attempting to defend the parks department using contradictory back-talk. The same guy states that it violates content neutrality then says it has nothing to do with content. OK. explain that one. He also makes statements saying that they were just being to loud, which is again a twist on other things he said.

Regardless of whether the rule is actually broken or not, you should be able to sing the f-ing national anthem at a f-ing national monument. By the same rule, the display of a US flag would violate content neutrality. Please. Wake up.


No, read it carefully, he says that he is content neutral, he doesn't care what the content is. As I said, the article is badly written but if you read it carefully whilst putting your morale outrage to one side you can see that.


"U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance
constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain "completely content neutral.""

For the however many-th time the law they were breaking is content neutrality.

It is planely there in black and white.

My outrage is that there is a rule/interpretation of a rule that prohibits singing the anthem at a national monument.

Are you agreeing with the rule and enforcement banning the singing?


I don't think Southern people were anti-America, I think they were anti-United States of America. They didn't want to be part of the Union. If they didn't want to be part of America they could have moved. It's this whole concept of country, when in fact Southerns saw the United States like some people see the EU.


I'm glad I worship in a Catholic Church.


Noisy kids told to be quiet
News at 11


This is once again a contradictory point. they claimed they just needed to move a few feet away. Moving a few feet wouldn't have solved a noise problem.


They were anti-nationalis in the sense of not wanting to be Citezens of the USA, which is what I meant.


It doesn't prohibit just singing the national anthem, it prohibits singing right next to the monument where that singing might interupt someone's quiet contemplation. It is just the same as telling someone they can't sing loudly in a library or in an art gallery. Their singing might spoil someone elses enjoyment.

I am not sure there really needs to be a law about this, I am not sure how much of an issue it has been in the past.

The sentence you keep posting is the one that is very badly written. I think the editor must have been taking the day off. Read the whole article, it is clear that what the guard said was that the content is not an issue, the law restricts any singing.


What about my enjoyment? I enjoy singing the National Anthem, and Lincoln likes hearing it.


The rule is content neutrality. They enforce it to remove all singing.

Either way, you think that it is appropriate to stop someone (a group of kids on a field trip) from singing the national anthem at a national monument, I do not. If the rule/interpretation includes singing the national anthem, then it is wrong.

And this is a public out-door park. Not a library. You could make a similar statement about any national park. Should we prevent campers at Yellowstone from singing, because that might break someones contemplation? People do go there for the peace and quiet.

Like I said before, it seems the rule would ban the waving of flags and such also.