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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest


I managed to catch this one today, last year's champ came out on top with 48 dogs.

In the process of those 12 minutes, I couldn't help but wonder how you could train for something like that.

Announcers were even discussing their pre-comp meals.

Most fasted the day before.



The idea of eating any hot dog is repulsive. BLEH. But to see who can eat the most? Completely nuts.


You can eat my hot dog.

All beef, baby.

Nathan's weiner is the best!


Sometimes I wonder if your body even bothers running blood to the head on-top of your shoulders.



I saw parts of that and the announcer was saying that one of those guys (I think it was the Asian guy who was shaking the dogs down) was one of the world?s greatest athletes!

I don't know if this guy does any other sports, but I sure hope he's not been given a label of a great athlete just for his hot dog eating greatness.

Does anyone know more about this guy, or hear the announcer say that?


I don't remember the announcer saying that... but I did tune in late.

I'd imagine that starving yourself before hand would be bad because of the stomach decrease??

Wouldn't you want the metabolism spiked?


I was watching a program on these guys on the Discovery channel, maybe a year or so ago. A lot of the topic "competitors" are in Japan and one of these guys (I don't think it was Kobayashi, the current reigning champ) had a whole training regimen he went through. While it was completely gross and horrific on the one hand (I can picture Barr and Berardi shrieking in terror at this), it also made a lot of inherent sense... well, as much sense as can be made about training for a hot dog eating contest.

The person they profiled had a relative who owned a restaurant. During his "training", he would show up and they would basically cover an entire table with food. Here is the kicker (that I found kinda cool, I must admit): in order to prepare himself to eat through not being hungry, he STARTED the meal with a huge bowl of chocolate pudding to kill off his hunger... then he demolished the entire table of food. Unbelievable.

I've long wondered if this was Professor X's secret too, but I can neither confirm nor deny...


The winner is Takeru Kobayashi of Japan. You can check out a short CNN article on the contest at http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/07/04/hotdog.contest/index.html

A quick summary: Kobayashi is 5'7" and 150 pounds. The second place finisher was an American woman named Sonya Thomas, all of 5'5" and 100 pounds.


I ask myself that same question, frequently.


In college I originally read that it takes the human body an average of 8 minutes to respond to stretch receptors in the stomach and signal the brain to initiate a satiety response decreasing hunger and increasing nausia past that point. In other words, eat faster and you can get more food down.


Unless it's overcooked grilled chicken breast. Mister - there is no way in hell you can choke down the shoe leather my wife tried to pass of as chicken breast the other night in just 8 minutes. I blame her lack of grilling skills completely for my 11 pound weight-loss fiasco.


This is why everyone needs a Foreman grill.


Time you learned to cook, big boy.


Did you see the winners arms. He's not big, but he's muscular. I saw something on him and it showed him lifting weights and running to improve metabolism. That plus he must have a cavernous relaxed stomach and relaxed abdominal muscles. I still bet most of them puke it up after they leave the stage. The sodium levels alone, going into your body all at once would have to cause serious health problems.


Your body isn't that fragile.


I munched on breast all weekend long and...oops! Wrong breast topic.



Wow, if this guy is an "athlete" then they should have seen my Uncle John in his prime! He was a real pig....um athlete..


Yea, I swear I heard the announcer say that this guy was one of the world's best athletes, as if to include all different types of athletes.

Maybe this guy (the announcer) didn't know what he was talking about, or maybe there's more to this hot dog eater than I know about.

I guess I shouldn't be too quick to judge this guy without knowing anything more about his than the fact that he eats more hot dogs, brains and other stuff in a short time than anyone else.


Ahh, a new "eating window". So everyone likes to talk about that magic hour right after resistance training... maybe the magic eating window for bulking could be cramming as much food down your gullet in those 8 minutes. lol

OK, now I am curious for everyone here to give some detail on their greatest eating performances. There's only so much I can take of food logs and precision nutrient timing. I wanna hear about someone tossing down 9 lobsters or 25 pancakes! (or dare I say both)