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Nathans Clomid Restart Log


Age: 30
TT: 407 (348-1197
FT: 7.1 (9.3-26.5)
E2: 26.1 (7.6-42.6)

No recent LH/FSH levels but a year ago they were both around 5 I believe(tt was pretty much the same. Have not tested prolactin and the Dr did not think it could be high or else my LH/FSH levels would be lower. Any thoughts on that? I feel like I don't want to go down this road until I test prolactin anyway.

On to the clomid restart though. Will be taking 25mg ED for 3-4 weeks and then check levels probably.

And thyroid levels are normalized now with dessicated thyroid.


I am paying attention to this log, especially if you do frequent tests.

Ask KSman to walk you through proper restart. 50mg per day is excessive from what I understand.


Search for prior traffic on this forum for HPTA restart.


[quote]KSman wrote:
Search for prior traffic on this forum for HPTA restart.

Yea, Ive seen a lot of info and it kind of scares me to be honest. But I’m going to give it a go! If its absolutely terrible then maybe I can convince him to put me on nolva.

Ill be sure to update and let everyone know how I feel throughout the process.


Decided to take my first dose of 25mg with breakfast this morning. Have no idea if taking it with food will prevent it from “hitting as hard” but whatever. I may start taking it with my second meal tomorrow as my breakfast time changes on my days off.

Kind of wished he would’ve prescribed an AI from the start, but at least I know he’ll do so if I feel I need it soon. He did recommend DIM for controlling estradiol but not sure how effective it is and have some reading up to do.


Close to a week now and with the exception of the 2nd day, I’ve been taking 25mg ED. I do not feel anything yet, but I do think the boys may be getting slightly larger.

I know this is a boring update, but its all I got so far! No noticeable sides yet either.


Won’t feel much from my experience until about 2 weeks…
25mg ED is plenty IMO…

I got results from 25MG EOD…

Keep us posted can’t wait to hear !


Still nothing substantial to report. I MIGHT be sleeping just a tad better, but other than that no positive/negative effects. No blurred vision or floaters.

I believe in 2 more weeks I’ll be getting blood work done so that will be a more exciting update! Until then we’ll see if I start to really feel anything this week.


Alright. I am paying attention to this thread.


About a week till I go get my testosterone blood work.

Here are my latest thyroid numbers. I like where the levels are at, assuming levels rise a little during the day when I’m taking my medication. I might could raise 1/4 of a grain.


Got the following blood work done yesterday so should have results by the end of the week.

Total & Free Testosterone

All of that for just $70 too!!

Last Thursday I began taking 25mg EOD so have cut it in half.


Obviously the clomid is working! This was done about 4-5 days after I started doing 25mg EOD. the first 4 weeks was 25mg ED. The high LH and E2 are somewhat of a concern, but I know when I ween off they will both probably normalize. I’d be happy if my testosterone settles around 650-750 honestly.

Won’t bore with all the other blood results, but my white blood cells/neutrophils went up a substantial amount compared to last year. Don’t know if thats due to the thyroid medicine or clomid, but should mean my immune system is stronger now.


The response looks promising.

You will need an AI to keep the E2 in low 20s. If left high, once the blinders come off, your brain will down regulate the HPTA. Do this correctly.


I have heard excessive doses of clomid can make a lot of people feel emotional, shitty, and drive up their estrogen. Clomid has two active metabolites, one good and one bad, so it doesn’t always work for everyone. A lot of people return to baseline levels after they cease treatment. It’s good to use while your trying to conceive but if you are trying a “restart” i doubt you will have much luck. Most long term steroid users and TRT users always talk about “restarts” and 9 times out of 10 they end right back up on the juice.


LH is too high from too much clomid. Anastrozole cannot fix that, you need less clomid.

A lot of T is getting bound to your increasing SHBG.

fT3 looks great. What are your waking oral and mid-afternoon body temperatures? If good, great, if low, rT3 may be at work.

How are you feeling? E2 will be messing with your brain and libido. If depressed, might might be better off with Nolvadex.


Thanks for the replies guys. Been really busy so don’t have a lot of time to spend on here lately.

As for the AI, I’ll still be on clomid for proabably at least 8 more weeks so Ill wait and see what happens to E2 with the lowered dosages. My doctor is open to letting me use one though.

I’ve learned from others experiences to not have any expectations long term. Obviously its working now but I understand my testosterone very well may not keep. Also, I have never used TRT/Steroids.

My temps are around 97.8-98 in the morning and always reach at least 98.6. Even before when my thyroid hormones were low I always reached normal temps.

As for how I feel…Feel pretty much the same really. No notable negative/positive effects. Libido has been gone for years, but there has been times when I feel like I have a bit more desire than I’ve had before clomid.


I got my testosterone levels checked after using clomid for about 6-7 weeks, .25 mg everyday. My testosterone level was 1600 n/g! But Im not feeling any different, not feeling any boost or anything that I should benefit from this high T level. Anybody else use clomid have the same problem?


Quick update:

My libido has returned a decent amount finally and the gf seems to be pretty happy about that! This is the end of my 4th week doing 25mg M,W,F. Next week I’ll either take 25mg Monday and Thursday, or just cut it in half and do 12.5mg M,W,F. The pills don’t always cut well so it may be difficult to cut into 4 pieces.

Not sure if Ill do another test soon, but I will whenever I finally am off it for a while.