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NathanDH's Training Log

I have a problem, I am skinny. I have been skinny my whole life. Now I have decided that I want to do something about it. I am completely pumped right now, and while I know that this won’t last, I have ensured I have some motivation by reading “Goal Setting for Hardasses”.

Current Stats:
Age: 18
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 150Ibs.
BF: 7%

I MUST be 165Ibs by July 4th
I MUST be under 10% BF
I MUST eat at least 3500 calories a day
I MUST exercise my legs

These goals set me at 15Ibs in the next 2 months. In which only 9 of those pounds has to be muscle. With the 10% BF I will be able to make 6 of those pounds fat. Which I don’t think will do me any harm. In fact, it will most likely make me feel better about my body and motivate me to workout more.

My main motivation as of now is that if I don’t gain the 15Ibs I will be eating a can of Alpo on July 4th, I thought it would be nice to stick with his suggestions from the article.

The workout program I will be using is from the BBB article. The split will be as follows:

Day 1: Train

Day 2: Train

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Train

Day 5: Train

Day 6: Off

Day 7: Off

Sorry last post didnt get the pic.