Natesto? Testosterone Nasal Gel?

My primary care doctor told me about Natesto nasal gel as an alternative to injections and other treatments. Doing a quick search there doesn’t appear to be much information on Natesto, which makes me think it’s a less than ideal product. Anyway, I’m curious if anyone has actually tried it, and if so, what your experience like. Thanks for the insight.

Self injected T is 100% absorbed and least cost.

Any T running down your throat will not be useful.

All of these alternative products are about making money.

Have not seen any traffic about this product before.

Many ‘me-too’ products are flops. Criteria is normalization of T levels which also includes low-normal.

Enough said! Just the thought of a gel secretion acting like a sinus drip is beyond disturbing.

This aged well.

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