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Nate 'the Great' Marquardt


he got cut by dana! he made weight but penn state says he's not medically cleared and did
not give a reason. nate's camp say they'll have something to say at a later time. the fight
would've been tonight on Versus. bunch of good fights.your thoughts.....


Why did Marquardt get cut from the UFC?


The announcement of why he was cut is going to be made tonight before the event on Versus. Also, the Penn AC is going to be holding a press conference to address the issue as well.


It must been something PRETTY messed up

because the weight cutting was going ok, it wasn't PEDs and Dana even stood for Chael for money laundering and the Test replacement bust.

Maybe he has Aids or hepatitis


That is EXACTLY what I thought. I literally said both of those. Rumor is that is why Aleks Emelianenko can't get licensed to fight in the U.S. is because of hepatitis. I hate to jump to conclusions but it seems like it must be serious for them to make that quick of a decision.

Dana couldn't have been that pissed at him if he missed weight could he? Plus I just read Nate saying the cut would be very easy as his last fight at 185 he only had to cut a few pounds before the fight.


Actually, there is a video with him weighing 171 on friday. He is on pretty damn shape.

Just out of curiosity, you can't fight MMA anymore if you have herpes? fuck i must stop going out with hookers.


Gray Maynard has herpes and still fights.


Tis a strange incident.
Even if Herpes or something like that is involved, why was White so decisively unfriendly about it?

Drugs perhaps? PEDs? (If I recall correctly, Marquardts was caught once with some steroid?)
Some form of denial or refusal to cooperate from Marquardt?

I'm sure we'll get some insight on it soon.

Too bad, Marquardt was a solid contender.


Definitely not steroids or drugs


From the new bits of info I've saw, Nate was aware that he wouldn't be licensed for quite some time and did little to nothing despite that. According to the Philly AC, he could easily be relicensed within days if he does the correct paperwork and rectifies the problem. So that pretty much rules out any transmittable disease I'd say.


Here is the question I have.

With UFC buying strikeforce where does he go? The Japanese orgs are not very good right now and there isnt much out there inside the US for good paydays. Nate is in a really bad spot here if Dana sticks to his guns here.


Bellator I guess.

I'm thinking it's an STD and he's had it for a couple of fights, lol. That's one of the few things, in my mind, that would justify Dana's reaction to it (seriously, watch the Versus pre-fight, BLAF was pissed)


lol Chael would be fucked.


straight from the horse's mouth (MMA Hour):

Marquardt says he's been diagnosed with low test for about a year now.
He went officially on treatment and got a therapeutic treatment exception,
The athletic commission board was anal about it and wanted him to get off for a few weeks between fights and more bloodtests etc, M. obeyed and was under an endocrinologist's supervision who OKd his tests.
Three weeks out from UFC live 4, M. went "on a more aggressive treatment", as recommended by his doctor.
One week out, he took a blood test, and "it was high". The doctor told him to get off, but it was too late.
The rest is legal history.

Super muscular, shredded, over- and crosstrainin' elite athletes who make weight regularly insist on having optimal test based on some flimsy charts.
And the commissions have this PED bogeyman they have to chase.

It's getting ridiculous.

I wish they'd just legalize all the damn shit.


So BJ was right cutting weight regularly does fuck your hormones even when the weight cut is small?


Cutting weight can certainly do things, especially if done often, and improperly.

Also, cycling on and off anabolics can certainly surpress (temporarily or permanently) natural test production. This may be the elephant in the room when athletes who appear to never have had the symptoms of low testosterone are tested, found to be clinically low, and require permanent, life time, replacement therapy. I mean seriously, looking at Marquardt, when was he supposedly suffering from low test prior to his dx. When he was putting on all that muscle and training like a madman?


Robert A


i think John Wayne said it best when he said:

Life is hard,
Life is harder if your stupid.

Nate is stupid.
Testosterone manipulation is NOT nuclear science.
You really have to be stupid to get caught and so there it is.

Dana White is simply doing our species a favor and ensuring our continued dominance.
We are the king of the jungle because of our intelligence not our biceps.
Show me your BillyBadAss and i'll bet the house on a siberian tiger straight up.
But we rule because we learn, we adapt, we innovate.

The take home lesson here:

Smart cheaters win the gold medal, the championship and the trophy.
Then they go home and fock the prom queen.

Stupid cheaters get caught and thrown out of the UFC.

low T, no no no no no.......low IQ




also on the mma hour marquardt admitted to using andro for 7 years he had gotten in trouble for it in 2005. i think 7 years of andro abuse would shut down natural test production causing him to need HRT.


Its not PED, the commission ad White both said so, its hep most likely.


Basically, he fucked up. According to his story, his doctor recommended a higher dosage a few weeks out. Two weeks later, his levels turn out high, and didn't taper down in time for the fight. He says he was within range the day of the fight.

Feel sorry for him. 'Cheating' aside (and yeah I'm not a fan of the way PEDs are handled generally), this is a shit reason to get fired.

If he really is banned, it's because he made the UFC, Dana and co. look like idiots by fucking up a main event.