Nate: Spurrier

Nate: So…Spurrier is going to coach the 'Skins! What’s the talk around “The Swamp?”
What do all the Redskin fans and NFL experts think? (I think the man will be having triple bypass surgery in less than 3 years!) Just kidding…this should be interesting!

It would be a sad commentary if the owner were so stupid as to have given Spurrier a $25 million contract that paid whether he is fired or not (the last coach was given such a contract and is owed $7.5 million on remaining years of the contract.)

$25 million for a completely inflexible coach with a system never proven to work in the NFL, and for that matter, not necessarily that great a system in college football either?

I attribute UF’s success to the fact that
a quite high percentage of the best high school football players are produced in Florida each year, and the state of Florida is also quite desirable to talented players from other parts of the country. And UF is the largest and academically-best school in Florida. So all it takes really is for the coach to not stink, and UF will do well for those reasons.

UF’s record is no better than would be expected from those advantages and having simply a good coach.

In the NFL, I don’t think Spurrier will be even a good coach due to his rigid thinking and inflexibility.

In college football, the players are, literally, not the best in the world. It may make sense for a coach to have a rigid system and have the players simply act as drone worker bees. In the NFL, the players are the best in the world. Better to have them free to react to what’s happening on the field, rather than being worker drones mindlessly executing Spurrier’s ultra-detailed plays.

Hey Bill, aren’t you located in Tallahassee? lol Obviously no bias towards Florida St. :slight_smile:

You know, I didn’t hear anything about this until last night when Dan (in DC) emailed me about it. I’ve been out of the loop this weekend. As I have been busy partying with friends and trying to freakin’ sleep! Because something has been keeping me up since Friday night. I haven’t slept more than a couple hours in the past three nights!!! I don’t know if all of a sudden the MAG-10 is affecting my sleep or if something else is going on.

So I can’t say much about Spurrier going to Washington. He’s getting a hefty paycheck. So we’ll have to see how he does. I’m not an NFL fan, so I doubt I’ll pay much attention to it. I’m all about college football and will be ready to see what the Gators accomplish next season. And maybe I’ll get some freakin’ sleep tonight!

he’s gonna fail miserably, and snyder is one of the worst owners in the nfl, if he actually thinks he can make personnel decisions… but i’m not complaining thanks to snyder’s genius the philadelphia eagles (i am a big iggles fan) picked up a nice receiver in james thrash and kick/punt returner in brian mitchell. if snyder would have kept thrash, mitchell and brad johnson instead of jeff george the skins’ would have won 10 games and made the playoffs this year.

Maybe Dan Snyder intends to pay Spurrier with the $10 fee he charges the fans to see preseason workouts.

“Tsbball ,” I’m in Gainesville at UF, not
in Tallahassee at Florida’s Second-Rate University. :wink:

I’m still entitled to have my own opinion
of Spurrier.

Brian above is dead on with the comments about the trades to Philly. It is painful to watch thrash and mitchell. I am from the DC area, and everyone I know wants to string snyder up by his balls. What a fucking idiot. He traded away most of our talent, and blew a fortune on shit. I mean really, Dion Sanders? Spare me.

What does it take to be a good NFL coach?

Great question, Kenneth! Here’s my two cents:

  1. Intestinal fortitude and balls.

    2)A TOUGH hide that can deal with criticism, arm-chair quarterbacks, the media, spoiled millionaires(both players and owners. 75 MILLION dollars and Randy Moss plays hard “when he wants too???”),and the ever-present threat of being fired.

    3)Organizational Skills.

    4)The ability to maximize your talent.

    5)The ability to exploit the weaknesses of the opposing team.

    6)A SMART front office and owner.


    It ain’t a job I’d want…

I thought when Spurrier went to UF, UF hadn’t had a winning season in a long long time and the big change he made was switch from a largely running based game to a big passing game and that is what he is known for - master of the passing game. And of course, with a potent passing game, that opens up the running game too which will ultimately give you the best of both worlds. Anyway, I think back at that time all the Florida schools were coaching the running game and when Spurrier had such a successful passing game, all the other schools eventually switched to passing game also.

PS - also I’m sure he’ll get the full 25 mil no matter what - that seems standard contract for those guys - they all have a buy out clause which basically guarentees payment in full - doesn’t everybody?