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Nate Miyaki on Carbs and Muscle Glycogen



What do people thing about this?

If this is true, what's the "Paleo Friendly" starch? Or is there no way to specifically refile muscle glycogen on a strict paleo diet?


I believe in the paleo diet and I will defend it to the death. The starches were sweet and regular potatoes and rice. Fruit is the preferred carb source imo. I do add in dairy though. I need the calories and extra protein or I wouldn't consider it.


Just put blueberries in your oatmeal, best of both worlds right?


Saw this in the Times the other day. Any thoughts?




I can't access the full write-up, I just saw the reference to grain and assumed. Potato flour obviously isn't the same as wheat flour...but again, I don't have the actual findings in front of me.


I'll stick to oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and fruits.

If you're eating too many carbs, for an extended period of time, you're muscles won't store it as glycogen anyways.


I believe that carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables are most optimal for the physique goer. And i think he has things mixed up. For instance, while starch is primarily stored in glycogen and carbohydrates in fruit (mostly fructose) is stored in the liver... For an individual wanting to focus on aesthetics, you have to look at how the starch is actually converted to the muscle glycogen... by insulin, a storage hormone. Even though he did not mention the exact times to ingest these starchy carbs, the key to fat loss is to keep insulin levels low until you NEED them spiked for anabolism such as before/during workouts. With fruit, you dont get a significant raise in insulin levels because the fructose goes to the liver to get converted to glucose, which then can be broken down and sent to a muscle fiber in need of glucose. And for people who are concerned about their physique, refilling glycogen stores in not the primary concern after a workout. We are not endurance athletes.


Really hard to say what's a "Paleo-friendly starch" solely because you have to look at what Paleo camp you're coming from. A guy like Robb Wolf recommends most tubers (not white potatoes) and not nightshade vegetables. There are stricter Paleo folk that consume very little nuts and fruits but go on to consume copious amounts of fat.

In the end, I think tubers are friendly starches. Paleo folk have some hate for white potatoes. Honestly, I can imagine a caveman eating white potatoes.

Anyway, you have to watch out for what Nate is saying in his nutrition post. The portion you got from him is a combination of Paleo and Sports Nutrition. He recommends rice as a part of the 10% that's not Paleo in the consumption of your diet. He's just saying that if you have physique goals then rice is a much better choice than bread.


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Very true.

If your an athlete trying to stick to the a primal diet but looking for extra carbs, I think sweet potatoes or brown rice are both good choices. I would go sweet potatoes first, but it's up to you.


I will also say this is true, but for those who are not allergic to oatmeal than its a fine choice.


Yeah I've just made the switch the last few weeks, and man... no more bloat! Plus, sweet potatoes taste much better and are less filling.


I personally just stick with oats since they taste pretty darn good with a hint of cinnamon and are insanely cheap.


These are the two I stick to, but mostly because I enjoy eating them. They do bloat me a little, and oats don't.


Such discussion is way over my head. Can't contribute.


I love how you're the only sane person here. :wink:


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"Rice is also a good choice for most people. It is a 'cultural' carbohydrate that has been around in our evolutionary chain for thousands of years and is less problematic than other grains that cause food allergies (gluten, celiac disease) and digestive disorders (sugar alcohol, lactose, high fructose corn syrup)."


"They are preferentially stored as liver glycogen..."


"... starch is preferentialy stored as muscle glycogen (which is what we want as physique athletes)."

Uh yeah, glycogen in muscle is more readily available. This doesn't make starchy carbohydrates 'better', nor is anyone really going to be affected aesthetically and physically from an ENTIRE lifestyle diet that contains a few servings of fruit with the remainder carbohydrate allotment coming from grains, beans, tubers, and veggies.

I'm not surprised by this whole thing; after all, demonizing one thing and praising another is par for the course in fitness and nutrition writing and marketing for the past few decades.