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Nate Green's New Book?


Anyone else thinking about ordering Nate Green's new book built for show? I pre-ordered it, the idea of seasonal workouts and his insights interested me.


I like his blog and his writing style on T-Nation. He seems to know what he's on about so I reckon I will buy it.

I think with this stuff it's more about whether you're actually going to use the info than if the info is the absolute best. I think his writing style means I'm more likely to use it.


Is it out yet? Seems like it's been on it's way for awhile now.


Pre-ordered it. Never hurts to absorb a bit more information. From what I've seen so far, in the articles as well as the blog, Nate knows what he's talking about. Can't wait.


It'll be available in bookstores November 20th, which is less than two weeks away.

I feel like I'm giving birth. You know, without all the mess and diapers.

Any way, here's the copy that hasn't been put on the Amazon site just yet:

"Built for Show: Four Body Changing Workouts for Building Muscle, Losing Fat and Looking Good Enough to Hook Up.

No-nonsense workouts to build a lean, strong, eye-catching physique.

Every guy is looking for an edge, some way to get single women his age to notice him more than they do now.

Unfortunately, most guys have absolutely no idea what kind of body automatically flips a girl's attraction switch. Nate Green does.

Built for Show is the first fitness book to address young men on the prowl. It's not just written for them; it's written by one of them. Green, who's just twenty-three years old, is already a veteran fitness professional who's been quoted in Men's Health and Maximum Fitness magazines.

Green offers four twelve-week workout programs, each with a seasonal theme. The fall and winter workouts add muscle size and strength that'll show even under layers of clothing. The spring and summer workouts burn fat and chisel the showpiece muscles, creating a lean, cut, beach-ready physique.

But Built for Show is more than just a workout book. It also provides:

· Realistic nutrition advice to feed the muscles and starve the fat without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen
· Tips on dressing right, looking the part, improving your social status, and settling into your new lifestyle
· Quick ways to assess posture, with useful exercises to fix flaws and improve self-presentation, no matter the situation.

The detailed programs include over fifty exercises, illustrated with over one hundred original photos.

Neither a weight-loss guide nor a body- building manual, Built for Show instead reveals to guys exactly what they need to build the body they - and women - want."


PS - Thanks for pre-ordering, guys; I sincerely appreciate it. Let me know if I can answer any questions.


Nate, I'm using supplement money for this, so that shows I've got faith in you.



Nate, this looks awesome.

I'll get both myself and my friends on it immediately.


Looks like a great book Nate!

I want a female version of this.


men and women aren't so different IMO when it comes to exercise and nutrition. There are some differences, but there's no reason you couldn't adapt the book or most exercise/nutritional.


These just in:

"A luminous work of stunning genius..."
--The London Review of Books

"No concomitant survey of the human condition could surpass this Tolstoyan masterwork as..."
--The New York Times

"Local Montana Boy Does Good. Writes Book--with Pictures.
In a related story, it seems that there are no virgins left in Flathead County. Word has it that Ravalli County, and even Missoula, are at risk..."
--The Whitefish Pilot

Got mine. And grateful for it, too.


Very nice, a post from the man himself. I also reed his blog too, it's pretty entertaining.

I might have some questions later...


hmm... well, I've already pre-ordered it, but I'm actually after older than I am, does that mean I should go for something else? :wink:


Just a few words from some guys who've read the book.

From John Berardi:

"Guys know what it's like to kick back and check out a group of good looking women. But very few know what it feels like to walk into a room and have all the hot chicks looking at them. For this it takes confidence, poise, style, and a great physique. And in Built For Show, Nate Green expertly walks you through the process of developing each of these. Especially the physique part."

From Robert Dos Remedios, author of Men's Health Power Training:

"Nate Green has hit the nail on the head with this witty, entertaining book and sound training program. Built for Show is a must-have for all the guys who have been wondering why their programs have been failing them all these years."

From Sean Hyson, fitness editor of Men's Fitness magazine:

"This is THE book for young guys trying to get in shape specifically for getting dates and feeling more confident. Nate Green knows there's nothing wrong with that, and his honest, direct approach in showing guys how to get what they want makes for a very original book."

From Joel Marion:

"A truly refreshing read, Nate Green provides a simple yet highly effective 'seasonal' approach to looking great with your shirt off. Don't miss this one!"


and this could be a good gift for women to get for men

or would a guy be insulted if a woman gave this to him?


I wouldn't be insulted, I think one would only be insulted if he was insecure and couldn't see the value in the gift.


I have personally read this book, and I loved it. The workouts are great. The nutrition advice is very good and is very practical for young people who dont have the money or time to spend in the kitchen. The non related training related to style and talking with the opposite sex is what separates this book from others. I plan on starting the workouts in a few weeks.


Good to hear. Thanks!


(Note: I sent ten copies of the book out to a few random guys a few weeks ago.)


Not if they already lift, and if they don't sometimes an insult is what it takes.


I'll pick it up for sure. Nate's pretty cool and stuff.


For those who are interested, John Berardi did an interview with me here: