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Nate Green's BFS Anyone?


Hey all,

Just wondering if anybody has bought/thought of buying Nate Green's new book Built for Show.

I did, and let me tell ya it's pretty amazing. Getting through some of those routines is enough to cause cardiac arrest.

2 weeks in, feel better, lost a little fat already. Can't wait to keep it up.


I'll probably just download it once some jackass uploads it on the internet :D.

jk lawlz.

in all seriousness, it seems to be worth looking into.


Its pretty amazing. Its like 13 bucks on Amazon.

I had to lay down in the 'ab' room for 20 minutes afterwards just so i didn't puke on my way home in the car.


I put my buddy through the first workout of Spring. He looked like he was gonna cry. We'll see how it works out...his fat loss has stalled and as much as I tell him to, he's not going to revise his diet.


Waiting for my copy to ship...


im not really into buying books from authors. even when i download e-books i dont read through half of them.

anyway, i think bodybuilding is very simple: lift with intensity, strive to lift more this session than you did last session, get in food and get some sleep too. oh, dont beat your body down with excessive drugs and alcohol either.

anything overly technical id probaly look into seeing someone face to face.


If you didn't only have 15 posts it wouldn't seem like you created this account just to push the book :wink:


Hey, the book is the shit. Lots of great advice and food for thought - and the workouts are pretty damn good, too. Lower body had me seeing huge black spots, and every part of me just wanted to give up and collapse in the squat rack. Plus there was lots of funny shit in the writing.

If some fucker actually has the nerve to scan and upload this book, I will personally hound every torrent tracker site and newsgroup until it's taken down. Why? Simple. We have to protect the little guy. It's the same reason you don't steal a rapper's 5-dollar EP. Buy it.


If you didn't only have 15 posts it wouldn't seem like you created this account just to push the book :wink:[/quote]

Ha! Ya, me and Nate are in biz together. I get a nice cut of profit for hawking his book. :slightly_smiling:

I don't post a lot. By the time i get around to writing something, most threads become 'you got teh ghey' and not worth responding too.


shit i want to buy it but i dont got a credit card and my mummy says NO to anything done online. sigh.

  • the customs here will prolly read it and say "Shit this is a book on Steroids", Imagine what would happen if i bought CT's book.

I mean they think fucking Whey is steroids. And want to put it through lab testing before they let that shit in.


wait. TC's book. hahahha


Tay - papal? u can use bank info to create an account... pretty easy. I use paypal for a lot of stuff.

Where are you located that customs are dickbags? Whey? forchissakes... thats bad!