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Nate Green?


I used to like his writing style, what happened to the guy?


No idea, but google his name and you can check out his blog. You can probably just ask him directly on his site.


He sort of went into hiding after this fiasco:




Kudos for resurrecting the LOL's


hahahaha... that thread was fucking hilarious, CLASSIC!

best 20 minutes spent all day hands down..


He has his own website... I think he's doing his own thing these days.


Seems like it, he has a new book coming out tuesday.


Glad to see he's done something decent with his website... that last one was... very amateur.


His current website looks great. I have always enjoyed his articles, he is very good at having a casual tone to his advice.


Agree, one blog site that I'd certainly look forward to read more again.


FYI, the new book is pretty great. The kinda thing you wish every teenager looking to join a gym would read instead of the crap magazines.

Good mindset, good info.


Yo guys,

I'm keeping up with my blog and doing a lot of cool new things. Still have a special place in my heart for T-Nation, though.

Thanks to Roman for the thumbs-up on the book. I'm pretty excited for everyone to read it.

And, shit, perhaps it won't end up in the dollar bin right away. :slight_smile:



Nate's being modest.

His new book kicks ass.

Definitely required reading for anyone under 25.

Hell, under 45....


Nate Green - Resurrection :wink:

Which reminds me - I need to stop by your blog, haven't read it in ages.



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