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Nate Doggy Dogg

Are you going to the outkast concert in gainsville on thursday? also, my state weightlifting meet is next weekend in Bell. it is about 2 hours away from tallahassee so we might get a hotel somewhere closer since the meet is early that morning and the school will be paying for it anyway. do you know how far gainsville is away from there. my coach said he thought it was about 30 minutes away. if so do you have any hotel recommendations?

No offense to Nate or Nic, but it would be nice if this sort of message didn’t clutter up the forum. To the “powers that be” of the board, would there be some way to set up a guestbook with optionally supplied contact information?

I’ve seen a number of ways to sneak around the forum rules, but eventually it just gets a bit silly. And it seems to me that if we want to be able to contact each other directly, this should be encouraged.

Nic, my man! What’s up big dogg? Yes, I will be going to the Outkast concert on Thursday. If you’re going to be in town, we need to hook it up! It should be fun. And it’s right on campus. As for Bell, it is about 30 minutes away. But I can’t tell you directions from here. I can’t remember if it’s North, South, East or West of Gville. As for a hotel, there are a zillion to choose from. It depends on where in town you want to be. The majority of them are located off Archer Road near I-75. You’d be cool at Cabot Lodge, Best Inn, and a few others in that area. If you’re looking for nice (and more expensive), then go to the UF Hotel & Conference Center near campus or the Best Western Gateway Grande. Just stay away from the “ghetto” motels on 441 (SW 13th St). Hit me back and I’ll give you more details.

me and my friends will be in gainsville by around 5 this thursday. thanks for the hotel info. i will check out the ones you mentioned and let you know. and like brian said, if somehow we could get each others email (hint, hint), this post wouldnt be necessary…