Nate Dogg

Nate, I belive in the past you said you have read Ian Kings book, “How To Write strength programs”. If so how was it compared to Get Buffed? Also I’m having problems ordering off his web site, did you buy it somewhere in the states? Thanks

Nate…I’m currently reading it write now. Some of the stuff in it is covered in “Get Buff” but more in depth. I feel it’s better than Kramer and Fleck’s book “Designing Restitance Trainng Programs”. Definately worth getting. I had no problem ordering it.

Zach, yes, I do have Ian’s book “How to Write Strength Training Programs.” Like Bam Bam said, there are many similarities, but “How to Write” does go into more depth.

There are a few things included in "How to Write" that you won't find in "Get Buffed." Something that is very useful is Ian's Family Tree of Exercises. This is great for figuring out what exercises to do for each bodypart depending on what phase of training you are on (control/stability, hypertrophy, maximal strength, etc.). There are also three sample programs in the back of the book based on if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee.

I definitely recommend this book if you truly want to learn how to write your own programs. I originally purchased mine directly through Ian. But you can get it from his other distributors and not have to pay the shipping charges for Australia (as I did!).

Check out his list of distributors on his site. You can purchase this book from Cosgrove Fitness Systems, Elite Fitness Systems, and Peakhealth.

The phone numbers are listed on Ian’s Website. So check it out! It’s well worth the investment. I’ve bought and read many books recently, and that one is one of the best.

Also, there are very few editing errors in "How to Write" compared to "Get Buffed."