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Nate Dogg: Spurrier, Spanking and Jill!

Nate: What in the WORLD is going on with Spurrier and Bowden? I know the soundbites on T.V., but what’s the scuttlebutt in “The Swamp?” Then an OFFICIAL of FSU (the A.D.) says Spurrier needs to be “spanked and put to bed!” Funny stuff! What are they saying on the street: Did the FSU player REALLY try to injure the Florida player?

On a lighter note: What’s up with that cute little Cornhusker Jill? Exams? Too many men with too little time? Miss those “MWAH’s” already!

Mufasa, the media is really going wild with the whole Spurrier-Bowden thing. Spurrier stood up for his player (Graham). He become much more agitated when he saw further footage of the game, and then Bowden and everyone at FSU denied it. There is more footage of Dockett trying to injure Rex Grossman. It’s plain to see that he intentionally tried to step on Grossman’s hand while he was getting up after a tackle. And from what you can see after the Graham tackle, it looks like Dockett was trying to twist his leg. FSU has always been known for dirty tactics. It’s just out in the media now. Spurrier put all that to rest a few days ago because Florida is now focused on defeating Tenneesee in The Swamp this weekend. We are getting closer to playing in the championship game. We just have to knock out the Vols on Saturday, and then knock out either LSU or Auburn in the SEC game next week. So we shall see.

As for Jill, she has been super busy with school and doing her thing! I talked to her the other day. I've tried to call her a few times, but we keep missing each other. I'll let her know that she is missed on the forum. Maybe she'll drop on by and say hello to everyone!

As for spanking, I want to see the Gators spank the Vols, spank LSU or Auburn in the SEC game and then spank Miami in the national championship game. And you know I’m always up for getting together with Jill for a little spanking of our own! :wink:

Nate- UF better bring their A game on saturday! I’ve never seen a team given less of a chance than UT on saturday. You know that makes a team AWEFULLY dangerous. Well, I do remember one game very similar. In the 86 Sugar Bowl, UT played Miami, and the Vols " had absolutely no chance" against the #2 canes. Final score UT 35 canes 7.

Hey now, watch the spanking LSU comments. We’ve already had our spanking for the year. And no, sir, we wouldn’t like another.

Poman, don’t worry, the Gators are not underestimating the Vols. In fact, Spurrier and the Gators were amazed that they were 18-point favorites. They expected there to be a single-digit point spread. So we shall see. The Gators should kick some butt in The Swamp on Saturday! GO GATORS! :slight_smile:

well, to answer the football question from another point of view, from what i understand, and this is from reading the Tallahassee paper which im sure is probably different from Gainsville’s, Spurrier keeps whining about how Dockett tried to hurt Rex, but all of the replays of the game show nothing very serious at all. hadn’t heard of the stepping on Rex’s hand thing but i did read that there was no evidence at all showing that he tried to twist his leg. In my opinion, it was just a heated game, like the FSU-UF game always is and both teams were playing rougher. The part that the FSU athletic director was so pissed about was that Spurrier was not only saying that Dockett had tried to hurt Rex, but that Dockett was doing it because he was coached that way and claimed that Bowden teaches and encourages his players to hurt players on other teams. Also, FSU was pissed at the way Spurrier handled it (the same way he handles everything). Instead of bringing it up to the offials and having them look over the tapes and review it, he just started whining about it to the media and turned it into a direct insult of the entire FSU coaching staff rather than an individual player.

MUFASA!!!..Nate told me my boy’s were missing me on the forum so I had to stop by and tell you hi!! I’ve been busy with school and then being the social butterfly trying to be the good friend I have had to attend the holiday parties to keep everyone happy but that doesn’t mean I forgot about you!! I’ve been missing Nate too and there is no time in my schedule to miss his fine ass!! so I promise I won’t be a stranger again for as long as I have been … Plus the Huskers took a beating to Colorado last week so I had have some “mourning” time for myself dontcha know … anywho I hope your doing good … MWAH MWAH MWAH!!

I’ve been on your site, if Jills the one I’m thinking she is, then. Yips!!! She should be T-Vixen!!! Jill forget about Nattdog’s ass yours is the fine one. Woohaa. J/K :slight_smile:

Man, I saw your thread title and got a completely wrong impression…I thought you were going to link the spanking and Jill (who I’ve seen on Nate Dogg’s website - thank you very much, Mr. Dogg), and I got all hot and sweaty there for a moment. C’mon, do a fellow T-man a favor and use your awesome powers of language to swing this thread in a more interesting direction!

Nic, Spurrier did go to FSU and the athletic director first. They denied everything. Then Spurrier saw further footage of Dockett trying to step on Grossman’s hand. I saw it too, and it was easy to see that he tried to stomp on him. This only pissed Spurrier off more, and that’s when he made some comments about Bowden and the FSU gang. I’ve seen FSU play many times, and it does seem as though they try to hurt people. I’ve seen them throw punches and kicks in many pileups. It’s all good until someone is seriously injured. And I remember Dockett gloating about how he hurt Graham. He was quoted in the paper and on TV for saying it.

Spurrier let it go earlier this week and has left it in the hands of the officials. We are focused on Tenneessee now. So tomorrow is the big day for the Gators. Stay tuned for some action. If LSU pulls out a win against Auburn this weekend, we'll try to go easy on them in the SEC game! ;)

Jill baby, I’m glad you found your way to the forum to give everyone a taste of your hella hot self. You know I have lots of love for you. You’re my girl! And I know you’ve been quite the busy butterfly lately, but you should bring your fine little ass by the forum a little more often. Maybe let Nate Dogg give you a nice little spanking. You remember the book excerpt I sent you from “Nate Doggy Dogg’s Black Book?” Maybe you should come on down to see me so I can show you all the tricks this Dogg knows! M’m M’m good!

Nate: WHAT IN THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE GATORS? I tell you…even though they lost, that was some of the BEST College Football I have seen in YEARS that was played yesterday (not just the Florida/Tennesee game either!). I guess the Swamp is not the happiest place today…

Dogg: I always do that; forget my name! The “DAYUM” post was from me! Mufasa

Gee, I sure hope Florida goes easy on us next weekend. LOL

Just remember, Nate, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you. :wink:

Nate … Baby … are you doing okay?? I heard about the football game … you can come sit on my lap if you need too sweetie … we’ll both mourn together … as for the sweetie that said I had a fine ass THANK YOU!! … I’ve never met sweet guy’s like the one’s on this forum … Mwah!

What does MWAH mean??

DAYUM!!! The Gators suck! No one can believe that they lost that game. But the Gators deserved to lose that one. They were outplayed by a tough Tennessee team. For some reason, the Gators have this “thing” where they screw up big games. They had the Rose Bowl handed to them, and they managed to screw it up. And for a team to come in The Swamp and beat the Gators, it’s not an easy feat. Jill, you know I need some lovin’ after that horrible loss. Better than me sitting on your lap, how about you sit on my face? :wink:

Hey, the good news for you is that the Huskers have a good chance of still going to the Rose Bowl. Especially with Florida and Texas’ loss last night! Go Huskers!

As for the Gators, maybe they'll get a decent bowl game...and maybe they'll actually win it! I just hope they come back next year playing better. You know the main problem with UF has been its defense. Everyone has talked about how good they have been. But if you've watched their games, have you noticed how many sacks, hits or knockdowns they've had on opposing quarterbacks?? Not many. They don't go after their opponents like they used too. And that's one reason Tennesee outmuscled UF last night. They knocked down, sacked and hit Grossman on almost every play. Football is war. And you must attack your opponent. When UF decides to play a more aggressive defense (like they did under Bob Stoops), they will make it the national championship. DAYUM!!

“Mwah” is the sound one makes when they blow a kiss! Kewl, huh? (Jill told me that one!)

Go LSU!!! I’m much happier we get to play Tenneesse than Florida. If we could just go out and play a good game we might have a chance as we have been a little inconsistent this year.

Yo NateDogg! Just checked out your webpage. That is one tight page bro! You should totally get Melissa to hook you up with the vet products… hehe, just kidding. Peace out.

By the way, if you haven’t already figured it out, that post by “NATE” is my post. For some reason, it didn’t post the whole thing. Yeah, it sucks. DAYUM Gators! Anyway, I need some lovin’ Jill. Come help me out!

JasonL, there would be nothing else that could make me happy than to see LSU beat Tennessee. You will have your hands full. But I’ll check out the game and see if it happens! GreasyGeek, glad you enjoyed the web page. Yeah, I’m working on getting Melissa to hook me up! She’s still an undergrad, so she doesn’t have access to the “good stuff” just yet! LOL!