Nate Dogg reads Cosmo?!

Sifting through the posts I saw Nate Dogg quoting Cosmo. What’s up with that?!

No, I didn’t quote Cosmo. But I can’t lie. I’ve actually read Cosmo a few times. I’ve dated a few people who subscribed and would bring it over. Sometimes I’d check out some of the articles. It’s funny that all the little sexual tips they gave, I already knew of or had used in the past! It’s all good. I’m a well-rounded T-man.

Thats alright Nate Dogg, I have read my share of womens magizines myself. Every month I read over the victoria secrets, acctually a couple of times:)

Maybe it’s like how bodybuilders take clomid–they use a heavy dose of something meant for women as a way of jump-starting themselves after a cycle.

Well, I’m hear reading T-mag - so I can’t exactly get on to Nate for reading Cosmo can I? BTW - women’s mags are way to stereotypical. I don’t enjoy them.

ok…how about this one ironbabe? i get self magazine (hey, it was free) and last month there was an article by three women who are ‘into’ fitness. one says “yes i lift weights, but i stick to moderate weight, nothing over 15 pounds. i don’t want get big.” i swear to GOD that’s a quote. talk about stereotypes!

Oh yeah, don’t want those BULDGING muscles that 20 lb’ers provide. I guess if I read a book about cooking I can say I’m a part time chef?? On one of those morning news shows a lady “Fitness Guru” (said that under her name) said you can judge a good gym by how it smells and if they have plenty of ACE certified trainers. I wanted to write her a letter of reproach.

Growing up with two sisters, I have to be honest and say I read my share of women’s mags. I liked to read the sex articles and during the early years it also gave me a little insight on how women think. We all know how confusing women can be.(gross understatement)

Nate reads Cosmo? Doesn’t he know thats what got Timbo tiny in the first place?? LOL! Actually, there is nothing wrong with it…a good T-man uses ALL his weapons to track the elusive T-Vixen!! As Sun Tsu once said, know yourself and not your enemy, you will win half your battles. Know your enemy but not yourself and you will also only win half your battles. However, if you know both your enemy and yourself, you will be victorious every time!

Hey, many years ago, I even subscribed to Seventeen and YM. It gave me the competitive edge I needed to score with the ladies! LOL. I haven’t read any girly magazines in a long time though. Must of them have the same stuff over and over again. Hey, that sounds like most muscle mags! LOL! Now I subscribe to four mags: Testosterone, MILO, Penthouse and Gallery. I think that covers everything I need to know. LMAO!

A magazine that teaches young women to become bimbos has to be good. 2 thumbs up for Cosmo. And 3 thumbs up for Cosmo Kramer!

Michelle: If you tell me you have some pink bunny weights and an “Ab Whatever” at home, think you get plenty of protein in Bagels and your Soy supplement, and all you want to do is “tone”, The Lion is THROUGH with you, girl!!! (smile!!!:)-- (Oh…and if you have leg warmers (ala "Flashdance), you’re a dead woman…