Nate Dogg on WCW Nitro

Hey guys, WCW is in town this weekend as part of their Spring Breakout 2001. They were here Friday night doing some filming at a local club. They had the Nitro Girls and some of the WCW Wrestlers. In addition, they were filming people in the crowd. Since me and a friend were in the front row of the stage, you should be seeing me on Monday night’s show. I’m one of the only guys up front. With short dark hair, a goatee, earrings and wearing a black shirt.

In addition to that, you may see me during the live broadcast on Monday as well. I got some free tix to the show (WCW hooked me up). So I’ll be near ringside wearing my Testosterone T-shirt and a red bandana. So tune in to Monday Night Nitro. I’ll represent for Testosterone the best I can my T-brothers!

They are actually going to be filming Monday Night Nitro and the Wednesday show all in one. So You may see me both nights. But be sure to tune in Monday for the good stuff. It should be fun.

Oh yeah, I had a chance to talk with some of the Nitro Girls. The red head (Siren) is hella hot and down-to-earth. It was pretty sweet. But I didn’t bring a camera with me for some pics! Damn, I’m such a dumbbass! Oh well. I’ll bring it with me on Monday.

Nate Doggy Dogg, ya pimp lil’ mofo! First the Hooters chicas, now the Nitro girls…you da man. Dude, have a blast Monday night. I haven’t been into wrestling for a couple years now–back in high school we were all about that stuff–but you can bet that I’ll be watchin’ for you on Nitro. Do your best to get in a few cheap shots and make sure you talk some smack. Especially when those jobbers get in the squared circle, just rip ‘em a new asshole! Way to represent the crew, bro. We’ll be watchin’ for ya, superfly.

I once got my pic. taken with Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner. I’m 6’3 and about 240 at the time (high bodyfat, but you could tell I work out) and those dudes made me look like a little kid. And, in all actuality, they’re both damn fine fellas, despite what you read (it’s all a character).

Timbo, what can I say? I turn on the Nate Doggy Dogg charm, and the ladies love it. And I’ll do my best to get myself and Testosterone on air for the show! Maybe I’ll bring a “Nate Dogg” posterboard with me. Just keep your eyes open. I’m sure you’ll at least see me when they do the special spring break edition of the show. It’ll be in the club. Me surrounded by a bunch of honeys! :slight_smile:

I’ve been hearing a vicious rumor that wrestling is fixed. Is there any truth to this rumor?

Of course it’s fixed and choreographed! It’s for entertainment purposes! It’s the male version of a soap opera. But the bumps and bruises are for real. I was talking to Billy Kidman the other night. He had a black eye from one of his recent matches. It’s a dance. But sometimes someone gets hurt! It’s all good. It’s good, fun entertainment. Sorry to burst your bubble Hulkamaniac!

Son of a bitch! I gotta stop saying my prayers, taking my vitamins and drinking my raw eggs like my former idol! I am no longer a real american who fights for the rights of every man! All this time! I cryed when Andre the Giant turned on the Hulkster. WCW sucks ass compared to WWF! Is WCW any more real that WWF?

What do you mean wrestling isn’t real!? That documentary Beyond the Mat was all a hoax!

by the way this monday might be the last ever show for wcw, i heard on the news, that their deal with fusient media ventures fell through, and after tonight will be shutting down until further notice

Well, I did my best to get on TV. When they did the spring break commercials, I saw myself once, very quickly. And I only got on the TV screen during the commercial breaks. I wore my Testosterone shirt proudly.

As for the last time WCW Nitro is on TV, it is actually next week that is the finale. They wrap up the spring break tour in Panama City next weekend. So next Monday is the last one for now. Oh yeah, last night they also taped the Wednesday edition of Thunder right after Nitro. So there is a chance they got me on camera then.

And I used to go to WWF events back in the day. The WWF is by far much better. I never was a WCW fan, but started to check it out a couple years ago. It doesn't even come close to comparing to the WWF. And I don't know why, but WCW really caters to the inbreds and rednecks. You wouldn't believe all the Mullets I saw last night. That's why wrestling gets a bad name!

Nate Dogg, i only watch WCW for goldberg. And speaking of mullets, check out all the mullet websites on the net. try mulletsgalore.

Goldberg, I hear you brutha! That Bill Goldberg character is quite the bad ass. I also enjoy checking out the “genetic freak” Scott Steiner. He’s one big boy!

Nate Dogg, I don’t watch much wrestling, but I’ve heard Goldberg’s going to the WWF. Also, did anyone see Goldberg on the Man Show a few months back? Funny shit. That show rocks.

Nate Dog I was there. Go Gators. I have to say the best thing about last night was seeing a testosterone T-shirt. It was just for a second, but I’ve never seen anybody wear one before. Personally I like real testosterone sports better like Tough Man or Strong Man Contests.

Greg, so you were at the show? Sweet! Yeah, I got on the TV screen a few times before Nitro began. They kept coming to our side and filming me, my friend and a few other people in our area. I don’t think many people in Gainesville know about T-mag. So you don’t see anyone wearing the shirt. I’ve only seen one other guy wear it, and that was at the bodybuilding show back in November (I also wore mine). When I do wear it, it gets quite a bit of response from people. I’ll have to wear it more often! Be proud to wear it! I’ll have to see you again sometime Greg! Go Gators!

Hey, Vince McMahon is on Howard Stern right now, and said he’s taking over WCW

Nate Dogg,

I’m going to be in Gainesville for a week next week. What are some good places to go down there? We were there last year, at the time that WCW was there, but didn’t get a chance to do much. Thanks.

Wilson, it depends on what you want to do while you’re here. If you’re looking for good clubs then these are the places to go. Wednesday night - The Rotator. Thursday night - Market Street Pub. Friday night - Rhythmn or Soulhouse. Saturday night - Sky or Lush. As for other things to do, you can check out some plays, go downtown or drive an hour and a half to the nearest beach. It’s a college town, so there is always something to do. It just depends on what you are interested in doing. As for gyms, there are a few places to go. Let me know!

Nate Dogg,

Thanks alot for the info on the good clubs. Our track team is going to be in Gainsville to train for a week. Hopefully we’ll be able to have some fun, but we’ll definitely need a good gym. What do you recommend?

If you want a good gym and are traveling with your entire team, try Gainesville Health and Fitness. Call ahead and ask to speak to Mike Hill, tell him Josh Miller reccomended the place and said he might be able to help with a discount. The gym is huge and has whatever you want, but I would reccomend avoiding peak hours. The ranking of gyms in gainesville from most glamorous to most hardcore are probably as follows GHFC, Orion, Golds, Gainesville Gym. Another thing, are you working out on UF campus? UF has at least three “gyms” and many more strength training rooms for teams, so that may be an option as well.
Good Luck,