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Nate Dogg is Tying the Knot!

That’s right! Stacey and I are getting married!

She has been in Salzburg, Austria for the past six weeks as part of a study abroad program. Originally, we were going to marry on May 26, but decided to call it off for various reasons (and she would have been gone because of the study abroad program).

I fly out to visit her in Salzburg on Wednesday. We will stay for a few days and then head to Florence, Italy and later to Rome for several days.

After talking about it, we decided to get married while in Florence. I found a wedding planner http://www.italianwedding.com/ to handle all the documenation, and we are now set to marry on June 29 (or possibly the 28 or 30th at the Palazzo Vecchio). It will be a civil ceremony, but it will be in a beautiful setting in Florence.

Here’s some info about the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence:

One of the most beautiful things about an Italian wedding is the ceremony itself. Most clients have a civil ceremony, which is far more beautiful than it sounds. The city hall of Florence is the 15th century Palazzo Vecchio, where weddings take place in the magnificent “Red Room,” festooned with tapestries and noted paintings.

We’ll be staying at this hotel while in Florence: http://www.hotelvillaliberty.com/

We will probably have another ceremony or reception for family and friends at some point in the future, but for now, we will be legally married in one of the most romantic cities in Italy.

Hey congrats man!! I’ve been to the plaza many times over the years and I have also loved Florence.

Congrats again man I hope you have a great day to get married on!


Congratulations!!! Enjoy every minute of it! :smiley:


Marriage to the right person is the best thing that can ever happen to you!

[quote]TShaw wrote:

Marriage to the right person is the best thing that can ever happen to you![/quote]

I agree!

I had some doubts several months back, but with much prayer, bible study, reading, counseling, reflection and talking with friends, I was able to have my questions answered.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stacey is the right person for me and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thanks everyone!

Hey congratulations to you!!

Nate and Stacey Dogg, sounds good. I wishe you a long and happy life together



Welcome to the club.


Thats an awesome way to get married. Have fun and best of luck.

Will you have pizza instead of wedding cake? :wink:

Congratulations, mate!

And that ball’n’chain is great for GPP work :-p


Congratulations, Nate and Stacey!!

Congratulations to you Both!!


[i]Nate and Stacey sittin’ in a tree



Congratulations, Nate! I assume that I am invited to the wedding and that transportation expenses will be paid.

Luckily, I offer my translation services free of charge!

“Allora; la luna di miele!”

Congrats Nate! I wish you and Stacey all the best; you deserve it.

Congrats man, and best of luck with the next step.

Congratulations Nate!

Poor bastard…


May you both wake up together and love each other more with each day that passes.

Sunny, congrats!