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Nate Dogg is back!


It has been a good month or so, but I'm finally able to check out the forum. I changed jobs and have been extremely busy lately. Not to mention all of life's other callings.

My training has sucked for the past month, and so has my diet with all these holiday parties, missed workouts, stressful work days, etc. But I'm finally on track and getting my ass in gear before the new year begins.

I should have some time to check out the forum more often, so I'll pop in to see what's going on and get back in touch with forum friends.

Good to see everyone again!


good to see you back NDogg, missed your sick and twisted thoughts here on the forum.


Welcome back Nate!


Now Nate got the freaks and that's a known fact, before I got jacked I was on the same track.


You're not the only one! I've had to contain myself at work so much that I'm busting at the seams with perversity.

It's good to be back! I feel so out of the loop, and it's also affected my training and nutrition. 'Tis the season! But I'll be back on track soon. I'm determined to get in even better shape than I was last year.

Nate Dogg


Whazup, Dogg?

Nice to see you dopping by. Your name has come up a couple of times, mainly when people were talking about young girls. Hmmmm ........

Don't be a stranger!


Welcome back Mr Dogg. Your perversity has been missed you dirty old ripper!!!


Lock up your daughters.


NATE DIGGITY!!!!! I was wondering where the hell you have been keeping yourself. Welcome back, bro!


Stupid me! I thought we were going to end the year on a high note. :slight_smile:



Sorry to spoil your holiday wishes, but I'm back! LOL!

Man, it feels like forever. I'm so out of the loop, I've had to go back and read almost two month's worth of issues. And I only had time to browse many of them.

It's all good. I'll be in the groove once again, and knocking on your doors for my date with your daughter(s).


Welcome back bro!



Nate "Out Of The Loop" Dogg -

Didn't know you were gone, dude.

yuk, yuk You know I'm joking,man! Looking forward to seeing more of you and your perverted views in these parts.

Especially in the T/N Forums, where we can use all the help we can get.

Just don't go into those political threads, ya bleeding heart liberal, ya!



Don't worry Mike, I won't show my face in the political bullshit. I'm not remotely interested.

But I will definitely have to add some fun to the forums now!


Woof woof...where my dogs at? Woof woof! I was just thinking this the other day..."where's Nate Dogg"? Glad you're back. Nate is easy one of the nicest people on the boards. And we need more nice people. :wink:


Welcome back, Dogg!


Great! Nate is back and now I will start to feel like I am ready to be put out to pasture again.

I can understand the attraction to the youngsters Nate, but save some love for the MILFs....

Nice to have you back!!


Iron Maiden,

Although my reputation has me pegged for the youngin's, I give props to all the MILF's out there on a regular basis. I want a MILF!!! Will you be my MILF???


Welcome back Nate Dogg! Good to have you back on board.

Iron Maiden, don't worry, some of us only have love for the MILF's.


Hey Nate, did you see that new movie with Jessica Alba "Honey" ? I heard she's single. Go for it man!