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Nate Dogg and Timbo: WASSUP??!!?

So…Dogg…this is wuddits gonna’ BE like, huh? Get a Honey in the Dogg Pound, and leave ‘ya boys HANGIN’??? No post, no workouts, no diets…not even a weekend Booty Run story??? (Now…I KNOW she ain’t got the ‘ole Dogg on a leash…OOoops… CHA’ CHING!!!)

Hey…have you heard from Timbo? (Haven’t heard from him in a while either).

Miss your posting, brother!

Just a “bump” for the 'ole Dogg…


MBE: “Still up in this since 2076.”


A “Dogg” bump!

Mufasa, my man! Hey bro, thanks for the shoutout and the e-mail. I know I’ve been missing from the forum recently. Things have been quite hectic the past month. As you know, I am in a relationship with a wonderful vixen. But as with any relationship, you learn a lot and must work a lot to keep it going good. So I have been putting much attention into some areas that I need to improve (in myself). But I am very happy with her. We have a wonderful relationship, and she has enhanced the Dogg’s life immensely.

As for workouts, I’ve slacked a bit lately. I’ve either been short on time or low on energy. But I’m still hitting the weights a couple times a week. I ended up taking last week off. It wasn’t planned, but it happened. I had a conference for a few days out of town, and I just didn’t have the energy to train. So I have had to make adjustments. Don’t worry, I won’t give it up. As being fit is very important to me. But it’s also not the only thing in my life. So I need to make sure I keep the balance. Along with the workouts, my diet has been a bit off the past week. I’ve either missed meals or wasn’t able to eat as clean as I normally do. But I’ll be back on track this week.

Things have been stressful for the past month due to my living arrangements, work and lack of time with my vixen. My roommate is moving out, which has forced us to break the lease. So now, my vixen and I are moving into a one-bedroom. This is cool for us because I’d rather not have to deal with roommates anymore. But at the same time, breaking the lease and moving has cost me a ton of money. So I have been financially stressed this month. I’m really struggling at the moment to pay the bills and make the move. Once I do, everything should be okay, and I’ll be back on track. Unfortunately, I have let the stress affect me in my relationship. And that’s not a good thing. Because I don’t want to hurt my vixen. So you guys may not see me much for the next week or two, but I’ll keep in touch. Hopefully, everything will be okay soon.

I have not heard from Timbo in quite some time. he stopped visiting the forum and kept in touch by email. The last I heard from him was about a month ago. He seemed to be doing good (training hard, eating and trying to pack on the mass), and he was working on finishing up classes and getting into grad school. He also spent some time with John U and the family. We may need to drop an e-mail bomb on him to see if everything is going okay!

That’s about all for now Mufasa! I’ll try to keep in touch. Again, thanks for the shoutout. It’s nice to know when you’re missed.

“would the real Nate Dogg please stand up, please stand up” Begone ye imposter! A post from the Natester with no Dayum, cussing, references (or graphic descriptions) to devient sexual practices, talk of balance and missing workouts. Clearly a fake. Glad to see good things are happening for you Nate.

DAYUM! Bro, I think that’s the first and only post I’ve ever had that didn’t have any cussing, sexually deviant references or use of “DAYUM, BRO, or HELLA.” Don’t worry my man, things will be back on track. This is hell week for me. I’ve been packing and trying to get set for the move this weekend. And you better believe that the Dogg will be back in action. Ready to tear shit up and looking hella good for summer. So me and my vixen can catch all the eyes and have some fun! :wink: Okay, I’m out. Gotta go give the vixen some loving!