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Nate Dogg and John U's Crazy Weekend!

As some of you know, John U came to visit me this weekend. He came down Thursday evening and I took him to a local club along with my roommate and some friends. On Friday, we hung out and a huge group of us saw American Pie 2 (HILARIOUS!). Saturday, a few of us hit the beach. Saturday night, some friends of mine were throwing a party. John had 15-16 shots, two cups of beer and was stumbling around with a smile on his face. I was chilling the whole night. Well, about 3 a.m., I’m about to leave when someone says that my friends are in a fight outside. I say to her that those guys aren’t my friends. But then she says my brother is over there. And then I see some of my friends. So John and I run over to see what’s up.

It seems as though three little punks that showed up at the party decided they were going to break into a couple of my friend’s cars and try to steal their stereos. And a few of my other friends had seen what was up and confronted them. Now, these three kids were highly outnumbered and outsized. But they picked up some weapons on their way out the garage.

My brother knew one of these guys and had invited him. And he held my friend Bobby back from beating his ass. But the rest of us were pissed. So someone called the cops. Then we tell them they aren't welcome and to haul ass. They start walking off when my friend Marcus says, "Fuck this. This is personal." And he starts walking after them. So me, Marcus, Bobby and Ben start walking after them. We are at the end of the street, they get confronted (weapons in hand) and say they don't want any trouble. Another friend of mine shows up, says "What the hell is going on? Who tried to steal shit?" When we tell him who was doing it, he pushed the one kid almost on his face. The kid turns around says some shit about killing all of us, blah, blah, blah. His friend drops the weapon while his other friend restrains the one kid. Well, I go to pick up the weapon to make sure we know where it's at and to bring it back to the house. By then, the cops show up, see the weapon in my hand, order me to drop it (guns drawn) and to lay face down on the street. Everyone else is ordered to get on the sidewalk while I get searched and explain to the cop what happened. John had walked down the street by now along with a bunch of other people from the party...so they got to see me (the only non-drinking, non-trouble causing guy) sprawled out across the street. But in the end, it was all good as we had the kid arrested. And John and I finally got home around 4:30 a.m.

The interesting thing is that the kid was just released from jail that very day after serving time for stealing car stereos. What a dumbass. This kid is only 18 years old. Total punk, hanging out with 15- and 16-year old punks who are total white trash and wannabe gangsters. It's really sad. Needless to say, my brother was sorry and thought he knew this kid better. Guess he found out the hard way. Luckily, he was one of the first people that saw his "friend" trying to steal the stereos. So once he started yelling, we all came out and handled the situation.

After a major hangover from most of the people at the party, we finally managed to make it to the springs Sunday afternoon. We had a great time on the Ichetucknee, swimming, playing and having fun. Now it’s time to grill up some goods at my friend’s house. Then John and I will chill out and call it a weekend. John will had to Atlanta tomorrow, as I drag my ass to work. All in all, it’s been a fun weekend with a few surprises. Oh yeah, be sure to ask John about the girl who hit on him at the party! :slight_smile:

First off…glad to see you’re safe, Dogg! That whole scene could have been MUCHO ugly! Now…a whole weekend…and you don’t even give the Lion a LITTLE “tease” by descibing some of those Southern Honey’s? SHAME on you, Dogg!!!

Southern belles? Yeah, there were a few of them. But not as many as we expected at the party. But you should have been there to see my roommate in her bikini at the springs. HOT DAYUM! My friends drooled over her most of the weekend. I can’t blame them, she is a hottie. And I live with her! :slight_smile:

And yes, luckily, things didn’t get ugly at the party. Although, it would have been nice to teach those kids a lesson. It was tempting, but it was best that we left it to the law to handle, and no one got hurt.

Nate, I have to admit that your roommate is a hottie. Seeing her in a bikini was a plus too. I didn’t hit on her out of respect for you but you must know it was killing me inside. It’s too bad that we didn’t have more time to hang out but hopefully you’ll come up to Atlanta and party up here. Maybe she’ll come too. :slight_smile: BTW, let’s not speak of the “Virginia incident,” that’s what I’m going to refer to it from now on. I always seem to get hit on by women I’m not interested in physically.

I echo Mufasa’s comment’s on your safety. Bad situation could have been so much worse without maturity on your part. Real glad to see that you didn’t get busted!! I guess your next party will be a real bore!

John, the “Virginia Incident” will be kept on the downlow! LOL! As for my roomie, yes, the bikini was an added plus. Bro, you could have hit on her if you wanted. She is so used to it that she doesn’t give most guys the time of day anymore. She is nice about it, but she said she is very picky about her guys (that probably takes me out of the equation!). She did say she was sorry that she wasn’t awake to say goodbye to you yesterday morning.

And I hope to meet some of her fine friends soon. We were having a little chat last night. It was interesting, I learned some new things about her.

As for Hotlanta, I’ll definitely come up this fall to visit for the weekend. I’m sure I could have her come up with us too! We’ll have to plan something soon. Maybe around a football game. You’ll be the man if you hook us up with some tix to one of the games! :wink:

Katana, all ended up well at the end of the night and the end of the weekend. We had a good time even though participation in some of the group activities was low. A few of my friends were too tired or hungover to go out to the beach and springs. But I had a blast nonetheless. And John seemed to have a good time too.