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Nate dogg a little help if you will

hey t-peeps . Nate or ne one else who knows i like to train mainly for functional strength and have been using pavel type training, any way to my point i ordered power to the people about three months ago and i just got aslip back from my bookshop that it will not be available for at least three more months i can’t wait that long so all i want is some information and descriptions about his high tension techniques, i already know and use his push up technique his power breathing and the grip one but i know that there are more so if you or any one else could take the time to fill me in it would be much appreciated thanx!!!

Pavel believes that Tension=Force. The tenser your muscles are, the more strength you display. The concept behind strength training is to acquire the skill to generate more tension. Pavels five key conditions to high tension are: 1) slow exercise performance. 2) Maximizing muscular tension, or flexing, regardless of the weight used. 3) employing heavy, 85-95% of ones maximum, weights at least some of the time. 4) minimizing fatigue. 5) taking advantage of various neurological phenomena (don’t use belts, shoes, gloves). Those are the basics to tension. He doesn’t give specific tempos, just slow and controlled. Which is probably a 3-5 second eccentric contraction when lifting. I hope that helps you out. I recently posted his Russian Bear method on a post about “Pavel’s 5x5 method.” Check that out too. Keep hitting the weights hard, heavy and with slow and controlled form. You know what to do bro! :slight_smile:

thanx nate just what i wanted to know :slight_smile: